Our high five of goodies for your Easter business basket

Easter online Marketing BBI

We believe that company websites should be major communications hubs and centres for engagement. So here are five web-based engaging ideas to spin off with Easter in mind.

  1. Launch an Easter Egg Hunt

An egg-citing challenge to customers and target prospects could be to hide one or more Easter eggs on your website. This could be in the form of spotting egg shapes in images or egg words in text. Make it funny and they’ll get the yolk!

The clues could be industry based or just things to make you smile. The prizes can be minimal or non-existent – it’s the playing and winning that matters!

  1. Spring up with an infographic

Easter this year falls neatly after the first quarter*. So why not think of producing an infographic based on your company news in Q1 and possibly your plans for Q2? It could also feature industry news and your predictions for your sector’s future.

Easter is associated with springtime and birth, so it would be an ideal way to illustrate new products and new initiatives. Of course, it doesn’t all have to be about business either; charity projects undertaken, new people appointed and other news could all be illustrated in the infographic. Get staff involved and you could also reap a positive internal communications bonus.

The Council of Nicaea in A.D. 325 set the date of Easter as the Sunday following the paschal full moon, which is the full moon that falls on or after the vernal equinox. So next year all you’ll need is a telescope and an almanac of astronomical tables to work out the date for yourself!

  1. Seasonally customise your website and social media profiles

Consumer selling and marketing can provide some very useful tips for the B2B environment. You can be sure that a lot of shop windows will take on an Easter theme and your website is the shop window for your business, so why not indulge in a bit of window dressing, however discreet.

And it doesn’t have to stop at Easter or Christmas for that matter. There can be many company landmarks, industry developments or special public dates that can be marked by a refreshing item of topical website content. All you need is a good CMS solution will give you the flexibility to make changes easily. Google Doodles1 is a great example of how to make special dates work for a company.

  1. Send out an email offering tips for Easter

Well, this is just what we’re doing right now. Our business is websites and marketing, so that’s where our ideas come from. Your business will be equally rich in topics to cover and your experience could provide invaluable tips for your customers and target prospects that they might well appreciate.

For instance, the time could be right for:

  • Organising a fire drill or Health & Safety audit
  • Periodic servicing/maintenance of plant and equipment
  • Spring refresher training course
  • Stock taking and inventory
  • Review of energy efficiency and environmental initiatives

But you know your business best and therefore can fine tune your tips to be just right for your audiences.

  1. Expand your engagement

Like a puppy is not just for Christmas, engagement is not just for Easter. Nevertheless, it does provide seasonal opportunities to engage with customers and prospects. Through the website and social media channels, there are terrific possibilities to discuss industry topics, comment on customer programmes and initiatives and get into useful conversations with product users. It could be a great time to enhance the accessibility and positive perception of your business.


If you’d like to go into one or more of these ideas, or any other web focused marketing strategies you may have in mind, contact BBI Brandboost on 01494 452600, by email or through the Live Chat function on our website. Happy Easter!

1.    Google Doodles

 By Jason Freeman