In the Forbes1 article “Tailoring Content Marketing to the Buyer Journey,” the point is made that “During the buyer journey, there is opportunity to provide useful content at each phase or step.”

The delivery of content and handling the resulting outcomes is a bit like an export/import operation: messages go out to engage inbound interest.

The logistics of engagement is also multi-modal, employing different search and delivery channels to reach potential targets using a variety of mobile devices, wearable technology and desktop computers.

A recent Econsultancy article2 describes Google’s own marketing campaigns, ranging from promoting the Google Chrome browser to talking about the concept of asteroid mining. With so many fingers in so many pies, this extraordinary company has a pretty difficult job in explaining what it’s up to and uses both online and offline means to do so.  It has of course big bucks to play with, but it’s interesting to see how it tailors its content for different channels and audiences but still manages to portray consistent messages about itself: innovation, imagination and the daring and wherewithal to boldly go into uncharted territory.

There is no need to have mega marketing budgets to create and deliver engaging content to target audiences. BBI Brandboost recognises the importance of:

  • Creating content that will be perceived by target audiences as informative, entertaining, relevant and of value to their interests. For example, you can’t do much better than Mapping Worlds for interpreting international stats and facts in a way that is useful, innovative and accessible. We chose it as one of our favourite sites for content a year ago and it more than stands the test of time!
  • Designing content delivery to be responsive to the wide range of smartphones and other receiving devices
  • Using appropriate SEO strategies to give the content of our clients the prominence it deserves

The presentation of spokespeople online has similarities to presentations in front of live audiences, and some of Microsoft’s guidance on Relational Presentation3 is very relevant to content creation and delivery.

Being willing to spontaneously adjust a performance to the interests, backgrounds, and understandings of viewers helps you establish a relationship, a connection with them. That relationship is everything. It enables conversational interaction, which, in turn, builds trust.”

Change “a performance” to “content” and you’ve got it in one!

BBI Brandboost has skill and experience in content creation, delivery and promoting the power of spokesmanship on the web.  Contact us on 01494 452600 or by email to discuss how we can assist your content creation and manage the logistics of your inbound marketing programme.



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