Top 10 Twitter Accounts

There’s something very satisfying about making lists and especially if it relates to a favourite social media channel. We love Twitter because of the great opportunities it offers for sharing news, information, ideas, passions, jokes and whatever comes to mind (as long as it’s only 140 characters long). It’s a great way for businesses to engage with their audiences because it’s simple, sharp and immediate.

BBI Brandboost has chosen its top 10 favourite Twitter sites, leaving out any of our clients since that would be too biased! Some of these are helpful for work and some are worth browsing for pleasure. All of them are worth a regular visit.

OK, here goes – our ten favourite sites on Twitter, listed in alphabetical order because it just wouldn’t work to rank one against another.

 Nick Robinson
  1. @bbcnickrobinson: The BBC’s Political Editor offers his polished and perceptive insider views about the Westminster village and international current affairs. Nick Robinson’s precision tweets are like thrusts of his rapier mind. Who thought politics could be so much fun?
 Brian Solis
  1. @briansolis:  typical tweet subject: “how to build innovation by killing off mediocrity.” Brian Solis, Digital Analyst at Altimeter Group, describes himself as author, digital anthropologist and futurist. Anything but mediocre, his shares across the spectrum of business and life as we know it are terrific!
 Do Lectures
  1. @DoLectures: The objective is to inspire so there is a range of thoughts, topics and life stories to do just that. There is a real feeling of community about this site and people testify to its value in their lives. Look out for some great quotable quotes as well!
 Ingenious Britain
  1. @ingeniousbrit: A very useful Google+ community and Twitter account complementing a government supported project that raises the flag for SMEs, innovators and entrepreneurial organisations in the UK. Businesses share views and experience. Definitely worth a regular look.
 Marketing Week
  1. @MarketingWeekEd: Marketing Week provides excellent coverage of the world of marketing and business by top rate journalists.  This quality and style is repeated on its Twitter site: news, humour and insight about a fast moving sector.
 Matt Cutts
  1. @mattcutts: Google’s head of spam is well worth following. Matt Cutts is a leading light in the search and social media giant and is also informative, perceptive and likeable. He’s great on Google news, views and aspirations and his tweets show a lot of humour!
  1. @Moz:  Starting off as a search consulting company, Moz now has a vision to support marketers across the “inbound marketing universe.” Its lively ideas on social media, blogging, SEO, stats etc. make it a great research tool and an enjoyable way of finding out what’s happening in the social environment.
  1. @tfma_event: TFMA (Technology for Marketing & Advertising 25-26 February) is well worth a trip to Earls Court for all of us in marketing and communications. It’s an exciting must see event and worth following on Twitter to get the info and the buzz.
 The Next Web
  1. @TheNextWeb: TNW does what it says on the tin, offering “international news on technology, business and culture.” This is a really helpful site that makes complex topics accessible. Web based technology is fascinating when presented well and virtual hats off to TNW for doing just that!


And now for something completely different...

(Definitely) Just For Fun

  1. @qikipedia: Great stuff is here courtesy of the QI Elves. Fantastic facts, brilliant quotes plus funny, weird and delightful images are sure to brighten your day. Lovers of trivia such as that the dachshund was called a liberty hound in during World War 1 will be in seventh heaven.