Google Authorship is much more than just about search ranking, important though that is. A new dimension of engagement is opening up which offers exciting opportunities for business.

It is an exciting vision that will help to bring out quality facts and opinions, because no one likes to put their name to mediocre content or an ill-considered jibe at a competitor. Authorship helps transparency and accountability, provides real personalities that target audiences can engage with and offers a company some great opportunities to promote the attributes and expertise of its people. This in turn will bring its spokespeople to the attention of the press and broadcast media as well as reviewers/commentators on social channels.

A recent post on the Google Webmaster Central Blog  says that: “Using authorship helps searchers discover great information by highlighting content from authors who they might find interesting. If you’re an author, signing up for authorship will help users recognise content that you’ve written. Additionally, searchers can click the byline to see more articles you’ve authored or follow you on Google+.”

This goes on to answer some pertinent questions, including the importance of featuring a human author rather than, say, a company mascot with pseudonym. There is also a helpful hint that, while authorship would not be applicable for straightforward product or property listings, it could be valid if additional useful commentary or analysis were included.

The mechanics of setting up authorship are relatively simple and advice from explains how the author’s picture can automatically be included in Google search results through Google+ sign-in. It also shows how authorship profile association has been integrated into WordPress and other software programmes.

As we indicated earlier, BBI Brandboost believes that Google Authorship provides an opening to new levels of engagement for businesses. For it to work at its best requires a coordinated approach involving SEO, web content, marketing and media strategies. As an element in search optimisation it can be powerful, but as a strategic proposition in a broader communications programme it can be a real game changer!

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