Google has said “We try to anticipate needs not yet articulated by our global audience and meet them with products and services that set new standards.” It’s also important to appreciate that Google+ is not a social network like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. It is literally the new Google, an evolution of this extraordinary search engine into something quite different altogether.

Our recent BBI Brandboost article explains that content by named authors is very much favoured by Google and is in tune with the ways that companies are connecting with today’s audiences. Whether the target is a wide public or focused interests such as customers and stakeholders, the featured spokesperson identified by a portrait image is Google’s preferred face of business.

The integration of Google’s many functions within the social layer of Google+ is of tremendous potential benefit for authorship content. For instance, it enables authors to easily import material from other Google channels such as YouTube and Google Maps to develop and enhance their contributions.

A recent post at and the reputation and influence of the blogger is enhanced. Readership interaction and comment as well as the original article are repeated in both channels.  The fact that comments are displayed across channels is not only a benefit to search, company positioning and engagement. People making comments will now do so openly, which is a positive move towards transparency that will hopefully put an end to rude and malicious jibes from anonymous contributors! in “10 Ways Google+ Will Improve Your SEO”,  comments: “By validating your Google Plus profile with sites where you publish, you will enable your image to appear next to search results and attract visual attention on search pages.”

The powerful influence on search is emphasised, in terms of ranking:

  • “Over a broad sample of bloggers with G+ profiles, those who use Google authorship tend to average a full Page Rank higher than those who do not.”

And longevity: 

  • “It appears Google Plus posts can retain ranking indefinitely with some posts over a year old still top of search result pages. Compare this to the 14 minutes of life a standard tweet is estimated to have.” 

The title of the recent blog at “The New SEO – It’s About People, Intent & Meaning” describes the environment being created by Google+ very well. The author also provides some invaluable insights: "Google+ is an identity platform, with potential to deeply impact how we experience social, local and mobile influences on search marketing."

to winning the search game."

As a powerful element in SEO as well as an excellent means to communicate and interact, we believe that Google+ more than makes the grade for the B2B market.