With an average of 75% of click throughs coming from organic results, it’s vital for businesses to maintain proactive and focused SEO strategies, because click throughs can lead to conversions and positive ROI.

In a recent Marketing Week article Honda explained that their new SEO strategy would lead to “better, richer content” that would perform well with Google’s updated search algorithms. They also highlighted improved page load times as “a real indicator of a quality site in Google’s eyes.”

The KISSmetrics.com blog quotes the head of Google’s web spam team Matt Cutts as describing load time speed being just one of over 200 signals used in determining rank. Nevertheless, it does have an effect on SEO ranking and most importantly on attracting visitors increasingly impatient of delay. The blog cites survey findings that and they tend to abandon a site that isn’t loaded within 3 seconds.”

So Honda is right to make load time a priority and equally correct in emphasising the importance of content quality.  While traditional SEO practices like key phrase optimisation and link building are still important, the means that search engines attribute ranking have become far more sophisticated and accurately attuned to the quality and relevance of content.

Length of content is a positive marker for search engines, indicating an informative offer, the impression is sometimes given that waffling on is the best way to gain brownie points. Even if that was the case, which it isn’t, it would be unlikely to gain a website many friends among its visitors!

So, here are some pointers about what good content actually means and how it is judged in SEO terms. These include:

  • A common, consistent theme throughout the website content, demonstrating relevance to the site’s purpose and the information required by visitors
  • Well written, well formatted text, correct in spelling and grammar, with length seen as adding value
  • Images and videos that illustrate site information exceptionally well
  • Quality blog posts with specified authorship an advantage. Linking online work with a Google+ profile allows Google Authorship to verify you as the author. This means that your Google+ image will appear beside search results for material under your authorship. This has value in marking authors out as industry spokespeople
  • Outbound links to appropriately selected websites and inbound links and social shares from high quality sources

For some further thoughts, BBI Brandboost produced three articles specifically on content creationin January 2013 - a stimulating topic to launch into what has proved to be a momentous year for web and social communication:

  • What makes great content?
  • 5 sites where content delights
  • Creating a content team

If like Honda your business is ready for website updating and upgrading to optimise your positioning in the search environment and excite and delight your website visitors, then you’ve come to the right place!

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