It’s official.  It’s listed in Wikipedia and a new survey commissioned by security analysts AppRiver showed that 54% of a sample of 1,000 UK workers admitted to having nomophobia – a fear of being out of mobile phone contact.

Losing a signal, running out of battery or mislaying your mobile are all phobia triggers. And there’s more. 42% of those surveyed took their phones on the beach and one in five checked their emails in bed!

Obsessive behaviour? Well maybe, but let’s look at it another way.  Mobiles enable us to visit the seaside or go to bed early rather than staying at home or waiting up for an all-important business communication or an exciting message from family or friends. Mobiles can help to make our lives more mobile and flexible.

Also an AppRiver spokesperson made the very good point that, with so much confidential information being stored on mobiles, if they get lost or stolen the results can be very serious.  Mobiles, smartphones and tablets have become very important to many of us and the thought of being unable to use them, or worse that they might get into the hands of criminals, is a perfectly rational anxiety. After all, if our car breaks down or gets driven off by thieves, that can make us pretty worried too!

Mobiles are invaluable communication tools and fun gadgets rolled into one.  How people use them, for what and when are fundamental to good online marketing strategies, particularly because people rightly regard their mobiles as part of their private space.  Brands using social media and email marketing can be looked on as being engaging or intrusive depending both on the message and its timing. Also, websites need to be easily found by search, responsively designed for mobiles and information easy to find, readable and attractively presented. Nomophobes can suffer from information overload, so be kind to them!

Going back to the car analogy, if you’re trying to reach a destination and the signposting is confusing, there are a mass of illogical mini roundabouts and ill-devised “traffic calming” measures and then you get confronted by a poster promoting an event you are not in the least interested in taking place a hundred miles away, you’re likely get irritated.  On the other hand, given a clear road and a well -placed notice advertising just what you might be looking for – a place to stop for lunch or to fill up on fuel for instance – and the motorist’s gratitude and goodwill is earned.

So, having established that nomophobia is not such a bad thing to have, why not contact the BBI Brandboost team on 01494 452600 or by email to see how we could make your business reach your target nomophobes and keep them happy. After all, we BBI Brandboosters are pretty nomophobic ourselves, so we should know.

But be warned. Nomophobia can be catching!