Google’s new Panda and Penguin algorithms are favouring quality content to achieve search engine page ranking. BBI Brandboost sees this as likely to signal the end of unwelcome SEO techniques such as incorporating spurious back-links and the use of ‘keyword stuffing’.

These new developments potentially help PR to get search engine prominence for the best stories and BBI Brandboost has advice to offer on how to get the most out of online public relations SEO:

  • Produce frequent well written content that is informative, interesting, engaging and entertaining.
  • Use keywords sparingly and ensure that the ones you use are the ones your audience is searching for. Check your website analytics for search terms that are driving traffic to your pages and also take a look at Google Insights to compare popular search terms.
  • Include all necessary back-links to your website and to research sources for the story. Major search engines don’t penalise for having too many back-links, as long as they’re relevant, but some social sites like Blogger do. The advice is to check the T & Cs of any site before uploading a story to it.

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