Organic SEO as a leading method of attracting targeted web traffic. The recent Conductor Survey provides backing for this strategy.

Organic SEO supports inbound marketing and content marketing objectives and is both measurable and cost effective. This survey of Conductor’s SEO enterprise clients also shows just how successful it can be as compared with other inbound marketing options.

Findings showed that web visits were broken down as follows:

  • Organic SEO 47%
  • Direct visits 29%
  • Referral visits(links from other sites) 15%
  • Paid (sponsored) search 6%
  • Social channels 2%

The wide gap between Organic SEO and the others demonstrates how the structure of the web and the actions of Google to prioritise content as a search element are helping web researchers to find what they’re looking for in ways that come naturally to them.  Businesses that will really benefit are those that are in tune with their target audiences and provide comprehensive high quality content that is optimised for ease of discovery and access. Both text and graphics can be used as highly effective landmarks to guide web traffic naturally to sites and specific landing pages.

It takes skill and experience to identify the processes that web researchers use to access specific products, services and information on the web. It takes expertise and planning to create content that is proficiently optimised to assist web visitors in navigating through the volume of conflicting and competitive material on the web to reach their goal – which could be your company website! If you’d like us to help, that’s where we can come in.