The best designed company logos will look great on a business card, a letterhead, a poster or the side of a truck.

Equally, the best designed company websites will present brilliantly on a smartphone, a tablet, a PC or a 50 inch HD TV.

The pioneering Media Queries have given us Responsive Website Design (RWD), enabling a web page to adapt to suit the characteristics of the device it’s being displayed on. An RWD website goes with the flow, displaying text and images to perfection on any screen format.

What an exciting innovation RWD has been for business! Companies can now provide top quality and consistent presentation of their brands to clients and customers at all times and in all places. In some cases (which we will discuss in our next newsletter) there may be a need to design a separate mobile site distinct from your desktop version, but RWD is an ideal solution for when one site will fit all requirements.

RWD has other powerful benefits too; including reducing website administration and aiding SEO (see our article on the SEO benefits of responsive design).  However, responsive design needs responsive designers, able to create the structured, simpler, fluid-grid sites that will reshape themselves to the plethora of mobile formats with which we communicate today.