How to tell it's time for a new website

There are three areas to look at when deciding whether it's time for a new website:

Technical issues

Does your website perform well on a mobile phone? Conversely, does it work as it should on modern widescreen monitors? How about in the latest browsers or when viewed on a pc running on Windows 10? Is your website quick to load or does it keep would-be visitors waiting so long that they give up and go elsewhere?

If your website is more than a year old, have you tested it on Windows 10? The latest operating system from the Microsoft stable was released on July 29th 2015.

Apart from performance issues which may deter visitors or prevent them from converting into leads, there are also more serious technical issues that can arise the older a website becomes. For instance, have any visitors to your website expressed concerns about automated warnings from browsers or, even worse, reported clearly malicious interference on your website?

The older a CMS becomes, the more vulnerabilities appear and the more it becomes open to abuse.

Style issues

People may say that style is subjective, but it is open to objective analysis.

While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we can nonetheless see whether a website looks dated. The best paisley-patterned, biege shirt with a flared collar may very well be a high quality, well made garment, but it will still look out of place in the year 2016. Likewise, while the elements within your website may all line up perfectly and contain excellent imagery, if everything is formatted in an old style or laid out in a way that has fallen out of favour, your website will come across as unconvincing in today's marketplace.


Are you getting the targeted traffic that you want your website to receive? Are visitors to your website flowing through your sales funnel in the way you intend? Has the performance of your website as a sales and marketing tool given you and your team the support you require? Or, has the phone been ringing less of late, with fewer enquiries being received?


Remember, a website is the online shop window for your business. If it is not doing the business - by failing to promote your company in a positive light to would-be customers - then a new version is called for.

Whether the problem is that the website is not being found, or that once it is found people do not stay or return, we can provide the answer. We will analyse the performance of your website and (if suitable) advise on how an updated version will better achieve your marketing goals.

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