A cookie crumble or revolution?

The cookie law was adopted by the UK through legislation in 2011 and fully implemented the following year. This changed the way websites provided users with both cookie information and our ever favourite a cookie notice or pop-up.

When this legislation came into force, website owners had to give users the opportunity to opt-in to accepting the cookies generated by a website. Before this change, a cookie policy at the bottom of a website was considered good practice although most users would not have been aware of them and most certainly didn’t have the option to opt-in or opt-out.

A cookie crumble or revolution?

From that point onwards all of us Internet users had the joy of accepting cookies time and time again without (let’s be honest here) actually reading what the cookies we were accepting were used for or what they actually did. The whole Cookie law became either background noise which we just ignored on sight or a real pain in the…

Fast forward to 2021 and everything we know about cookies could be changing again. The BBC recently reported that Elizabeth Denham, the outgoing information commissioner, was going to raise the issue about cookie pop-ups online at the latest G7 summit.

Before the meeting she said: “I often hear people say they are tired of having to engage with so many cookie pop-ups. That fatigue is leading to people giving more personal data than they would like.”

Taking this feedback on board, it was reported that The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) would pitch an idea which would “allow people to set lasting privacy preferences of their choosing, rather than having to do that through pop-ups every time they visit a website.”

Time for change

Fundamentally the legislation behind Cookie consent or pop-ups was and is a good idea; after all protecting our privacy and personal information is a good thing, no one disagrees with that. However, over the years users have become annoyed with being met with the same pop-up every time they visit a new website.

The open rights group wrote an article about how it is time to get rid of cookie banners. In the article they said:

“Cookie banners are intentionally designed to breach our fundamental right to privacy by getting us lost in a maze of dialogues, endless checkboxes, and redirects to off-site ‘opt-outs’. As a result, most users will just say yes to what they would have otherwise denied.”

This shows that some people do not like the idea of giving away personal information at the click of a button. It is clear that something needs to be done to enhance the user experience, while still protecting their data safely.

Cookie Policy

Knowing what to do

Every new website built must abide by the current cookie law or face a potential fine from the ICO. In order for this to happen a website owner must determine what cookies their site needs, tell visitors how they use cookies and provide a way for users to give their consent.

Here at BBI Brandboost we have a fully detailed cookie policy which website users can read if they want to (or if you suffer from insomnia that is). As part of our website management services we are able to provide you with full details about the cookies used on your website (a cookie audit) and provide the technical details to assist you in creating a cookie policy for you.

If you are worried that your cookie policy does not meet the current legal regulations, or have just built a new site and are not sure what cookies it uses, please get in touch with us today.

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