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The importance of using LinkedIn as part of your Marketing strategy

Bradley Rose | 10 Jan, 2024 | Return|

LinkedIn for marketing

Engaging with your connections on LinkedIn is a strategic move to enhance your visibility and nurture professional relationships. By actively participating in your network's posts through likes, comments, and shares, you remain on their radar, potentially positioning your content in their feeds when they seek expertise in your field.

Key Benefits of LinkedIn Engagement

  1. Broadened Visibility: Thoughtful comments on your connections' posts expose you to a wider audience, extending beyond your immediate network.
  2. Showcasing Expertise: Regularly sharing updates, whether about company news or industry insights, establishes you as a knowledgeable professional in your field.
  3. Network Monitoring: By consistently growing your connections, you stay informed about their career moves and company changes, enabling timely outreach and relationship-building.
  4. Client and Prospect Engagement: In periods of silence from clients or prospects, LinkedIn serves as a valuable tool to rekindle connections. Timely posts might reignite dormant relationships.
  5. SEO Boost: Maintaining an active LinkedIn presence contributes to improved search engine optimisation (SEO), increasing the likelihood of appearing in relevant search results.

Crafting a Compelling LinkedIn Profile

Ensure your LinkedIn profile is optimised to showcase your skills and services effectively:

  1. Compelling Summary: Craft a profile summary that highlights your expertise and accomplishments, effectively selling your skills.
  2. Visual Appeal: Include a professional and inviting profile photo, a header image that aligns with your personal brand, and visual examples of your work.
  3. Contact Information: Provide comprehensive contact details and ensure your profile links to your website.
  4. Keyword Optimisation: Strategically incorporate relevant keywords in your skills and services section to enhance discoverability.
  5. Awards and Achievements: Showcase recent awards and training accomplishments to bolster your credibility
  6. Recommendations: Garner recommendations from colleagues or clients to build trust and credibility.
  7. LinkedIn Company Page: If applicable, link to your company page to create a seamless online presence.

Strategies to Boost LinkedIn Visibility

Now that your profile is optimised, employ these tactics to maximise visibility:

  1. Regular Posting: Share valuable content consistently to reinforce your brand and expertise.
  2. Engagement is Key: Actively engage with your connections' posts to stay top-of-mind.
  3. Expand Connections: Connect with clients, prospects, suppliers, and network contacts to broaden your reach.
  4. LinkedIn Articles: Publish articles showcasing your expertise, optimising content for SEO, and linking back to your website.
  5. Group Creation: Consider creating and managing a LinkedIn group in your niche to fill a potential gap.
  6. Group Participation: Engage in relevant industry groups, expanding your reach beyond your immediate network.
  7. Profile Promotion: Include a link to your LinkedIn profile in your email signature and marketing materials.

Interaction Ideas for LinkedIn Connections

Struggling with conversation topics? Here are engaging ideas:

  1. Project Highlights: Share photos and videos of ongoing projects, offering a behind-the-scenes look.
  2. Success Stories: Showcase client success stories through case studies and testimonials, linking back to your website.
  3. Partnership Announcements: Announce new partnerships and collaborations to demonstrate growth.
  4. Article Sharing: Share articles authored by you, driving traffic to your website.
  5. Event Coverage: Share visuals from events, seminars, and networking activities, mentioning attendees.
  6. Client Office Visits: Highlight productive meetings and collaborations with clients.
  7. Webinars and Podcasts: Share valuable tips and information related to your business through webinars and podcasts.

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Bradley Rose

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