Social Media Marketing High Wycombe

Social Media Marketing High Wycombe
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Social Media Marketing High Wycombe

Engaging with target audiences through social media can be a very cost-effective way of creating awareness of your business. Targeting the right social networking channels and formulating the appropriate strategies for engaging with users can provide SMEs as well as larger companies with powerful platforms from which to get their messages across. In many ways, social media marketing has the ability to level the playing field between competing businesses with differing resources and budgets.

Good social media marketing is responsible for an incredible 71% of consumer recommendations, with Facebook in particular now influencing 50% of consumer purchases - a staggering 16% increase from 2014.

High Wycombe was recently voted one of Britain’s Top Tech Sectors, and with the tech industry in Britain expanding 2.6 times faster than any other, we are in an expanding and innovative environment. In fact, our innovative social media marketing campaigns have allowed many of our clients to increase their engagement rates by over 80% while maintaining and improving their online presence and brand perception.

Indeed, with over 4,000 companies in the flourishing High Wycombe area, making sure their social media marketing is optimised both locally as well as globally can be a vital part of brand perception in today’s climate. In fact, many companies who previously saw little point in using social media marketing to promote or advertise their products or services have become aware that the tides are shifting in favour of this strategy.

Rising trends of social networking

Rising trends of social networking

In its nationwide survey on “Social Networking by Age Group, 2011 to 2017” the ONS (Office for National Statistics) shows high and expanding levels of engagement with social media that goes beyond the youngest age segments sampled, where significant social interaction might be expected.

For instance, between the years 2016 and 2017, social media usage rose from 75% to 83% for those between the ages of 35 to 44 and from 66% to 68% for the next age segment (aged 45 to 54). The highest rise for the total number of years surveyed has been seen in the over 65 age group; an amazing leap from 7% to 27%.

With the growth in people using social media, companies can begin to find different ways to target the vast and varied audiences that previously had no place on these platforms. Those over the age of 35 have, until recent years, not been seen as a primary audience to target using social media marketing, and these statistics show that trends are beginning to change. A more diverse strategy is required, that has the ability and range to target those who are much older, providing tailored and targeted pitches to specific audiences who already have vested interest in the products or services your company provides.

So, social media marketing is no longer just a tool for the consumer brands targeting young people. Ever more frequently, we see corporate businesses promoting their values, work and company ethos across multiple social media channels, developing their online presence for potential business outreach or employee opportunities and in doing so cultivating a loyal following. All of this holds weight in the real world, with B2B organisations frequently seeking advice on social media marketing and boosting their digital presence to their advantage.

Keeping up with your audience

Keeping up with your audience is vital with any marketing campaign, and understanding the needs of your demographic is where it starts. Now that social media is more open to a wider range of ages, interests and concepts, it means that creating specific and targeted advertisements can be implemented on a global scale.

Of course, platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram have global reach and many of our clients use social media to engage with national and international target audiences. But for others, engaging with locally based B2B or B2C targets via social media is an important element in their marketing strategy.

This is where social media can be fantastic for business. Not only can you enhance your brand perception and develop a loyal community of prospects, but you can also use these platforms to advertise to local and highly targeted audiences.

Furthermore, by increasing your digital exposure it can also aid with the website’s overall SEO value, leading to an increase in first page rankings and as a result, more traffic being driven to your website. As well as this, utilising social media marketing for your company can in fact cut marketing costs, and is one of the most affordable ways to brand your business and tell your story. Integrating this into your marketing can allow you to highlight key events, PR worthy news and give your company a personality that resonates with the desired audiences.

Focus on user experience ancd SEO

Focus on user experience ancd SEO

If you can create a synergy between your brand identity, desired audiences and website functionality then your online presence should begin to see positive results. Website development is about more than just maintaining your brand style guidelines; it’s about the user experience, the quality of the content and images and the architecture of the website design, which have a strong influence on organic SEO.

So while the correct colours, fonts and design aesthetics of your website are important in creating an authentic and credible brand, creating a website that is easily navigated, quick to load and offers an interactive experience can improve conversion rates and return users.

When it comes to the SEO of your website, think about the services you offer, what your clients are looking for and how you can fulfil that need. From here, make sure the relevant key phrases and trending topics are built and maintained throughout the website. If you’re worried about making your website too complex or cluttered, think about creating a series of landing pages that can link directly to your services or offers.

Direct Advertising

There are also a variety of tools that you can use to advertise on these platforms. Facebook has a wide range of ways to do this, from “boosted posts” to direct advertisements with personalised “call to action” elements. These Facebook advertisements can even connect you with potential consumers through their messaging app “Facebook Messenger”, which makes it easy for both parties to engage.

Instagram offers businesses the ability to promote posts as well through “sponsored posting” which allows your advertisement to target people who already have a vested interest in your service, product or brand. We recently wrote an article that highlighted Instagram’s recent shopping feature, which allows businesses to promote their products with direct links to their website.

With this in mind, the vast and varied social media platforms that are available could be more relevant to your business than previously considered. If you are not yet on social media, or are not utilising it to its fullest you could be missing out on engaging with active and interested audiences. If you’d like to find out more, or see what we can offer with our social media marketing from our base in High Wycombe, take a look and get in touch.

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