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Halloween Ideas

[VIDEO] Halloween Marketing Ideas

More ghoulishly-grabby ideas

Not found your ideal Halloween marketing concept in our spooky video? Well, don’t worry because here are five more spine-tingling, teeth-chattering, ultra-scary ideas from the haunted imaginations of our agency creative team

  1. Choose your magical companion: Every witch or warlock needs a familiar from the animal kingdom; maybe a bat, a hare, a cat, a toad, a crow or some other creature with a leaning towards the dark side. Each has its own powers to support the magical arts. So why not have a quiz on your website with a set of questions that lead your web visitors to the ideal familiar for them? Get the message out there on social media too. It could be a lot of fun
  2. Spread the “terror”: Halloween is a great time to post humorous tongue-in-cheek content on Facebook and/or Twitter. Use trending hashtags and invent some Halloween-horrible hashtags of your own. You could continue with current planned social media activity, but adapt it to fit with images and hashtags of ghosts and werewolves to illustrate your creative flare.
  3. Make your products Halloween-friendly: if you have products which you can glam up in a scary way at point of sale, on your website or e-commerce site, then why not give it a try? This can help to differentiate them in the marketplace and stand out from the competition. When these seasonal trimmings have been removed, the product will retain an individual personality in the memory of potential users.
  4. Design a Halloween themed logo to scream about: A short-term logo change for Halloween will show customers you have that the initiative and innovative approach they are after that could help them to keep up with ever changing market demands. Google has managed this concept exceptionally well with their Google doodles, which reinforce rather than detract from their branding and corporate image.
  5. Send out a Halloween newsletter with spook-tacular bargains: Getting a seasonal newsletter out is a great way to capture the imagination of target audiences. Temporary bewitching discounts could boost sales. Offering festive freebies such as items of fancy dress or scary masks on subscribing to your ongoing newsletter issues or email marketing mailing list could also be an attractive incentive.

A seasonal message

Halloween, a time for trick or treating and horror movies, presents a unique marketing opportunity that can be used to your advantage. It provides an excellent lead-up to Christmas and a great chance to present your business in a characterful and personable way.

Please contact us at any time to discuss seasonal concepts for marketing and promotion.

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