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BREAKING: James Corden NOT banned from leading establishment

Jason Freeman | 18 Oct, 2022 | Return|


Social media has been rife with reports of James Corden being banned from restaurants and airlines all day, but there is one place that has not shut its doors to the pond-hopping comedian.

While James Corden has drawn an enraged reaction from a famous NYC restaurateur, and has been 'blasted' by the joke-loving social team at Ryannair, there is still one place where James is Welcome.


You may know that James grew up near to the Buckinghamshire town of High Wycombe and he remains a firm favourite in the hearts of local people. Asked what they thought of Corden being told not to return to Balthazar in New York City, many High Wycombe residents had James' back. One savvy local said, "I've looked up Balthazar on Trip Advisor and it only has a 4.5 star rating. They should be pleading for celebrity patronage, not turning stars away!"

Always welcome

James Corden may well have been banned from a plush New York eatery and he may not be everyone's cup of tea but the lovable comedian, script writer and talk show host is always welcome here at BBI Brandboost. If he needs a website or an app, or help with his image on social media, our team will be pleased to help!

PS: You don't have to been brought up in Buckinghamshire or live near High Wycombe to become a client of BBI Brandboost - everyone is welcome here!



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