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Can technology make companies more human?

Jason Freeman | 16 Feb, 2018 | Return|

emailmarketingtech1In a recent article for HR Director, Mark Lloyd - Director of Customer Experience at Redware - makes a strong case for the ability of technology to “create organisational relationships that are more human than ever.”

This is particularly relevant to remote employees, enabling them to play a full role in company affairs and giving them the opportunity to be continually updated on the developments and policies being generated in the businesses they work for.

He points out how advances in learning technology can make an organisation the first port of call when its members seek answers on matters relevant to the business.

“For many of us, when we need quick information at work, the immediate response is to turn to our favourite search engine. But what if, instead, your people’s first response was to search your LMS [Learning Management System] for the information, and be presented not only with how to carry out the task, but also guidance on internal policies?”

At BBI Brandboost, we specialise in developing bespoke applications that can do just this. In a world that is in many ways controlled by Google’s ever changing algorithms the importance of developing and creating an internal information hub bespoke to your company is vital.

Developing internal applications that can provide your employees with the correct information plays an important part in maintaining a strong employee workforce. Utilising technology to create human interactions with your employees can allow discussion, interactions and better relationships within your company.

Technology, and particularly that which drives communications, has created opportunities for exciting new flexible and collaborative working environments. It has reinforced the abilities of business to create global networks involving thir employees, customers and other stakeholders.  In short, today’s technology helps to bring people together on both an international and local scale in ways that have never been possible before.

To see some of our bespoke applications take a look at some of our projects:



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