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Ensuring Full Ownership When Commissioning a New Website

Bradley Rose | 15 Apr, 2024 | Return|

Ensuring Full Ownership When Commissioning a New Website

When commissioning a new website, understanding exactly what you're purchasing is crucial, particularly in terms of third-party modules and plugins. A common oversight in web development contracts can leave businesses vulnerable to unexpected costs and legal issues. 

The Pitfall of Third-Party Components 

Recently, we encountered a scenario with a client that highlights a significant risk in web development. The client had their website built by another agency and later decided to transfer it to our hosting. During the transition, it came to light that several key functional modules and plugins did not actually belong to the client but remained the property of the original agency. This revelation was not only surprising but also implied a potential financial burden, possibly amounting to thousands of pounds to replace these components.

Understanding the Importance of Transparency 

This situation underscores the importance of transparency and detailed agreements in web development. When entering into a contract, it’s vital to clarify that you will own every component of your website, including all third-party plugins and modules. Here are steps to ensure this:

  1. Ask the Right Questions: During the negotiation phase, inquire specifically about any third-party services and products. Determine who retains ownership of these tools post-handover.
  2. Check for Maintenance and Update Obligations: Understand if there are ongoing subscriptions or fees for updates and support for these third-party elements. Knowing these details upfront can save you from unforeseen future expenses.
  3. Demand Detailed Contracts: Ensure that your contract specifies every detail about the ownership of the website's components. Request a comprehensive list of all elements used in the website, along with their ownership status.
  4. Seek Legal Counsel: Before finalising the contract, consider consulting with a legal expert to review the agreement. They can help identify any potential licensing issues or ownership rights that could pose a problem later on.

Securing full control over your website and all its components is not just about avoiding unexpected costs; it's about protecting your business's online presence. Being proactive about these issues can prevent your website's functionality from being compromised by hidden terms or overlooked details. Here at BBI Brandboost - with every website project - we ensure you fully understand and agree to the terms of what you're buying into. So if you are looking to commission a new website please get in touch with our team.

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Bradley Rose

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