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Marketing reshuffles can make sense

Ronnie Gunn | 24 Sep, 2021 | Return|

PM Boris Johnson’s latest cabinet reshuffle was pretty dramatic and the media made the most of the narrative of triumphant victories and humiliating defeats that they frequently use on these occasions. Ministers leaving their positions are invariably “fired” or “sacked,” with an implication that they were incompetent, disloyal or had committed some other grave misdemeanour.

Marketing reshuffle can make sense

Frequently, outgoing ministers may have been perfectly good at what they were doing but, with changing times and new political developments, someone else might be better suited to the task. But this is often brushed aside, as was apparent during a TV interview with Defence Secretary Ben Wallace on BBC Breakfast on Thursday 16th September.

Was he sacked?

As reported in the Daily Express, the presenter Charlie Stayt came under viewer criticism for his interviewing style, including his insistence that Dominic Raab had been “sacked” as Foreign Secretary, even though he still remained in the cabinet with the not unimportant positions of Justice Secretary and Deputy Prime Minister.

Probably with some frustration, Ben Wallace declared: “Charlie, I don't think he's been sacked. I mean Charlie if tomorrow you were anchoring six o'clock news, you would say you've changed jobs I wouldn't say you've been sacked Charlie within the BBC I'd say that you're now doing a different task.”

When strategy changes are made in marketing campaigns, former policies are not normally described as being “ditched” or “thrown out.” They can be “built upon” or maybe “put on the back burner.” However, the focus on accusations of blame and failure that can dominate the media coverage of political adjustments would not be considered helpful by marketing professionals.

Making changes in emphasis

A further example that can be cited to reflect on both politics and marketing is that of hierarchies. The media, and undoubtedly politicians themselves, are obsessed with the rise to what are termed the great offices of state, often seen as a launch pad for becoming Prime Minister.

However, there can be times when other departments can rise to the level, or even exceed, the importance of the Treasury, the Home Office or the Foreign Office. Recognition of this is likely to have led to Sajid Javid, a highly experienced politician that has undertaken a range of demanding ministerial responsibilities, being appointed Health Secretary to manage the ongoing Covid-19 emergency.

The ability to be flexible and adapt to changes in circumstances are essential when running an effective marketing campaign. The pandemic has stressed the importance for businesses to establish a strong presence online to build brand awareness with target audiences and provide opportunities for sales leads.

For instance, in a recent article on this website about how SMEs had benefited from the use of social media during the period of Covid-19 restrictions, we stated:

“The range of transactions and interactions via online channels has vastly increased during the pandemic crisis. Web based technology has changed from being a useful tool for business to being an essential means of survival.

Targeted advertising on social media, as featured in the Facebook/Deloitte Report, is one excellent way that businesses can” reach the audiences that are potentially interested in their products and services.”

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