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Our TOP 5 FONTS for social media posts

Jason Freeman | 19 Jul, 2022 | Return|

Our top 5 fonts for social media posts

The choice of font is often a key decision when it comes to posting eye-catching content online. In fact, it can be the difference between a post receiving those all-important likes or failing to propel thumbs into action. 

Here we look at our top five fonts for social media posts and give a helpful hint about when each one can be used. 

Font number 5 - hunky dory

This gloriously fun font is great for brightening up a campaign and giving it a really summery feel. Effective with children of all ages, this font is sure to attract attention and drive clicks. 


Font number 4 - Magistral Extra Bold

This high-energy, high-octane font is great for posts relating to sports and any topic with an element of speed. Want your brand to look like it is going places? This is the font for you!


Font number 3 - Interface Black

This bold and striking font is brilliant if you want to advertise a sale or HUGE PRICE REDUCTION! 


Font number 2 - Impact - regularThis strong and upstanding font clearly means business. None of that slouching in italics or smiling through serifs, this no-nonsense character demands the reader pay attention. Particularly effective for instructional headings and signs.


Font number 1 - ratio modern

This formal, almost classical font has an air of historic style that is not out of place showing the title of a museum exhibit in a stately home, or adorning the cover of a hardback mystery novel.

Each of these fonts gives a different look and feel, and we hope you have found inspiration from them. Happy designing!


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Jason Freeman

Jason Freeman

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