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Andrew Libra | 01 Dec, 2017 | Return|

How to give your business warm leads this winter

As quoted from the widespread phenomenon that is Game of Thrones, “Winter is coming”. In fact, it’s already here, with companies large and small preparing for the New Year, and looking at where they should be investing their annual budget for 2018.

However, with only 20% of start-ups making it past their first year, for SMEs in particular, investing in the right strategy could be a key factor in growing your organisation.

Generating warm leads or finding new business to target can be half the battle, especially if you want to avoid cold calling, and remain front of mind. Our technical team at BBI have come up with their top tips to generate warm leads over the winter months.

  1. Referrals

Organic exposure is a fast growing trend online, with many individuals and organisations valuing the opinion of the masses when it comes to business. From organic SEO to organic ratings, having the right brand image can make all the difference.

As you can imagine, referrals are an important part in driving business to any organisation. In fact, your ratings on Google will appear alongside your google profile whenever someone searches for your business. With this in mind, having those coveted 5 stars to hang beside your name is something worth investing in. This can be done simply by asking your current clients to leave a rating or comment in order to boost your business profile.

  1. Website Design

It’s all well and good having the means to direct traffic to your website through social media, digital campaigns and word of mouth – however if you are investing your money to these sectors alone, your website can start to suffer, and with this attaining and retaining online visitors. Getting the balance between driving traffic to your site, and maintaining and updating your website with relevant content, news articles and online features is crucial when it comes to business enquiries.

  1. Re-marketing

Re-marketing involves connecting with your website’s visitors who have made an immediate purchase, interest or enquiry. It can allow a company to position targeted ads in front a specified and engaged audience, who have previous shown interested in your company website. These targeted ads can appear as they browse elsewhere online, and are an effective way ensure your business stays front of mind. With this in mind, investing in a re-marketing strategy next year could secure a high ROI for your company.

  1. Website Tracking

Website tracking and online analytics is possibly the most useful warm lead generator a business could have. In todays’ fast moving environment, being able to monitor and analyse who is entering your site is imperative in keeping up with the competition.

Investing in a website tracking tool allows your business to view companies that have been to your website. More than this, is the ability to track which pages were viewed and how many times, thus presenting an opportunity to generate warms leads for potential new clients who already have a vested interest in your services.

However, more than merely securing new clients, investing in a tracking tool can in fact allow you to upsell your services to existing clients. For example, if a particular client has been viewing your Graphic Design pages and portfolios, the chances are they could be interested in this service.


All in all, keeping on top of your customer service, website development and online traffic can all create warm leads for your business. By creating the relevant designs and cultivating the relevant information through website tracking, your business can begin its warm lead outreach, with some data and discussion points to bring to the table. These factors all play a part in generating business leads, and are worth investing in over these winter months.

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Andrew Libra

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