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Social media giant malfunctions

Ronnie Gunn | 05 Jul, 2019 | Return|

Facebook has had to do a deal of damage limitation to protect its brand image in recent months. has posted a list of scandals that rocked the social media giant in 2018 and which have done much to create a storm of criticism.

However, the problems simply will not go away. The latest headache was not a case of sinister happenings but a series of hugely embarrassing technical blunders. BBC Tech News recently reported the glitches on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp that had stopped users worldwide from being able to upload or view photos, videos and other files had finally been fixed.

Facebook claimed that the problem had occurred during routine maintenance. But the BBC post draws attention to the fact that Facebook and Instagram had major loss of service issues in March this year and WhatsApp suffered similar problems the following month. Twitter has also suffered recently from technical glitches to its messaging platform.

Facebook fails again

Major marketing benefits

The huge reach and access to consumers and businesses worldwide is one of the main attractions of these social media platforms. So, short of some catastrophic disaster, people are not going to stop using them when they suffer from downtime due to technical failures. 
Social media offers an exceptional means of communication and for accessing target audiences worldwide; and of course these platforms fervently wish to offer a high quality user experience and a continual 24/7 year-round service. Users may grumble when technical problems happen, but fortunately for businesses using the powerful tool of social media marketing, any major loss of virtual footfall is never going to be very likely.

Solving website downtime issues 

The same is not true for business websites because, unlike the monopolistic social media environment, brands seeking a presence online have fierce competition to contend with. If a company website or e-commerce site goes down for technical reasons, and if the problem is not solved rapidly, then target visitors will shift their attention, and maybe take their business, elsewhere.

This is one of the reasons why BBI Brandboost puts website technical support in a place of high priority on the list of services we offer to clients. Frequently, our experienced operations team have been able to solve glitches resulting from the work of other website developers, who have then lacked the skills or commitment to rectify them. 

Please contact us at any time to discuss how we can provide you with a consistent online presence of the highest technical quality and offering an exceptional user experience.

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