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5 films to have succeeded on small budgets

Bradley Rose | 02 Aug, 2022 | Return|


We enjoy our films and were keen to explore how movies made on smaller budgets managed to become so successful and turn into some of the most watched franchises of all time. 

In the table below are five films whereby their returns are truly staggering considering their budgets:

Film Budget Return
Rocky $1 million $117.2 million
Saw $1.2 million $103.9 million
Friday the 13th $550,000 $92.7 million
Mad Max $300,000 $378.9 million
Star Wars $11 million $775.4 million

*figures obtained from 

How did they do it?

  • Release date: When films are made, it is important for the people in charge to consider when the best time to release them is. For example, with Saw, they knew their film was firmly in the horror genre so chose to release it theatrically in time for Halloween.
  • Advertising: Friday the 13th managed to draw in the crowds upon release through the use of crucial market research and good old fashioned marketing. The poster used to promote the film presented it as a "light-hearted" and "youth-oriented" horror film in order to gain interest from America's prime theatre-going demographic of young adults and teenagers.
  • USPs and creativity: Some of the films listed above clearly had a USP which cinema goers could latch onto and believe in. Star Wars took them to a galaxy far far away, while Mad Max took them to the land down under. The creators of Saw had to be bold with their choice of horror villain and clearly got it spot on, along with the iconic music. Rocky reimagined the underdog sporting story and delighted audiences for many years after. 

The release of these movies on a small budget goes to show that you should not let your budget hold you back. It is not how much you have, but how you use it. And this is very much the case with a marketing budget…


Achieve greatness on a limited marketing budget 

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