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Why we use Magento for E-commerce

Jason Freeman | 16 May, 2017 | Return|

MagentoMagento is BBI Brandboost’s preferred e-commerce platform, providing an excellent UX for business users and consumers alike. It offers exceptional functionality for our customised e-commerce website design projects, providing the ideal environment for sites to be developed in line with expanding product ranges and the demands of their target markets.

The platform is equally viable for small businesses and large scale enterprises and it is Magento’s stated aim to provide B2B customers with a B2C user experience. As specialists in B2B e-commerce web design, we can confirm this has been achieved with the sites and functions we have developed to meet the individual specifications of our clients.

Magento’s intuitive administration interface allows your site to be tailored to your unique business needs. Completely scalable and backed by an extensive support network, Magento e-commerce sites display equally well across all desktop and mobile devices. This makes the UX involved in product selection, adding to shopping cart and concluding orders seamlessly attractive no matter where you are, at work or at leisure. There is a huge potential for businesses in all sectors to improve the ordering and purchasing of their products through online facilities. E-commerce can save time and effort for their customers and relieve their sales support staff for higher level CRM activities.

For instance, Magento Enterprise Edition allows for:

  • Easy account administration
  • Potential to personalise customer accounts to pre-negotiated price lists and terms
  • Bulk order streamlining
  • Inventory tracking across multiple warehouse locations at need
  • Seamless integration with backend systems

Magento enables us to develop standalone e-commerce sites or add new e-commerce sections to existing sites; in either case offering outcomes that are rich in features and secure in operation.

Magento provides for exceptional flexibility and the ability to effectively manage all aspects of the e-commerce site. It allows for control over multiple websites and stores from a central administration point and has capabilities to handle multi-lingual and multi-currency financial transactions. Rigorous security includes functionality to bar automated software from creating fake logins.

As well as these and many other invaluable site management features, Magento offers a range of marketing and promotional benefits, such as generating flexible pricing and promotional codes for local offers or general application. Other great marketing features include creating price differentials for quantity discounts, presenting reviews and product comparisons and coordinating data distribution for promotional emails and newsletters.

Finally, Magento is an ideal e-commerce system for meeting search engine optimisation (SEO) objectives, including the display of auto-generated site maps and frequently used search terms, providing Meta information relating to products and content plus compliance with Google’s application programme interface (API) related to shopping.

Using Magento, BBI Brandboost has created successful e-commerce functions for a wide range of applications from ordering components for heating systems to purchasing healthcare products.

Every time, we have been impressed by Magento’s scope for customisation, ability to structure and present content, ease of navigation and order process efficiency.

Every time, we have been impressed by Magento’s scope for customisation, ability to structure and present content, ease of navigation and order process efficiency.

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Jason Freeman

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