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Online marketing strategies that can work for you

In today's digital marketing climate, companies should use their online presence to conduct well thought out marketing strategies in order to gain the greatest rewards. Knowing where to start can be difficult, partly due to the many different channels available to marketers these days.

Marketers may ask themselves whether it is best to focus on one channel at a time or to look at an integrated approach to help engage audiences.

Being faced with a blank canvas can be daunting, so we have created a list of services which may be useful for a digital marketing plan and have devised certain strategies which can be used.

It is important to realise that while these online marketing strategies can be effective alone, they generally work better together. For example it is all well and good writing a great blog, but you still need to drive traffic to it to get noticed. This is where social media, email or SEO can help.

If you require any support in formulating a marketing plan for your business then please get in touch with us. 

SERVICE: Content Writing

Content Writing Strategy

Content which is informative, relevant and readable will have a positive impact on a website’s performance. Copy which is engaging will keep readers on a site for longer and if it reinforces their understanding of what you offer, they will be more likely to respond.

Strategy: Blogging

One way of using content to your advantage is through the creation of blog articles. These can be created with the objectives of being found, remembered and of driving traffic and business to your website. Showing readers you have a strong understanding of the industry you are in and providing them with useful information will help achieve those objectives. It is also important to ensure that your blog content is regularly updated, both to enhance user experience and to boost its SEO potential.

Service: Social Media

social media strategy

Social media can be a vital marketing asset to use. If utilised correctly, you will be able to drive traffic to your site by targeting potential users on the channels you know they prefer. Social networks can help to engage target audiences with your business and its objectives and enhance brand awareness. 

Strategy: Choosing the right channel 

There are a host of platforms which you can use, such as Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. They can offer a massive range of audiences to reach out to. However you could end up wasting time and effort sending messages out into an empty void if your target audiences do not use a given specific social media channel. The best approach is to identify the channels that are used by your target audiences and to focus on producing content which is suitable for those channels. 

Service: SEO

link building strategy

SEO is vital if you want your website to be found in organic search results. Successful, organic SEO requires focused content that includes key phrases in a seamless, relevant and non-intrusive manner. SEO work is not just about the front page content, as there are also several back-end technical elements involved to successfully optimise a website. 

Strategy: Link building

Establishing links that are both authoritative and relevant in line with requirements of latest search algorithms is important. For long term success, high quality inbound links can be effective in helping to drive more traffic to a website. When Google is deciding how highly to rank a page it takes into account the number of links pointing to it and the quality of them. 

Service: Email

email strategy

Email may have been around for a while, but it is still as effective as ever as an online communication tool. It can be invaluable for alerting subscribers to useful information and updates which are relevant to them. It is worth remembering that the style of message needs to be appropriate for the target audience. Overtly promotional hard-selling emails may be fine in certain situations, however in the wrong context can be regarded as spam and annoy the end user. It can also be useful to test and tweak certain email elements - such as subject lines - in order to analyse the relative success of each and use that information for future email marketing campaigns.

Strategy: Segmentation 

One way to gain the most out of your email marketing is by segmenting your list of subscribers into smaller groups. This way more personalised and relevant messages can be sent based on criteria such as a customer’s geographic location, interests and purchase history. 


If you require any support in formulating a marketing plan for your business then please get in touch with us.