Case study

Creating a Brand Identity for Pro Coat

Creating a Brand Identity for Pro Coat
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Creating a brand identity for Pro Coat - A case study

When our client decided to introduce their innovative flat roof waterproof coating to the market, they faced the challenge of establishing a strong brand identity from scratch. This case study explores how our marketing agency helped create a compelling brand, including a logo, labels, instruction leaflets, and promotional materials, leading to the product's successful launch and ongoing sales.

What Was Needed

The client's challenge

The client's challenge
  • Our client needed a complete brand identity for their new product, "Pro Coat."
  • They lacked a logo, label designs for product cans, and any marketing literature.
  • The client provided basic usage instructions in text form but required professional design and branding expertise.

What we did

Brand Creation and Design

Brand Creation and Design
  • Our talented graphic designer, who holds a master's degree in graphic design, took the lead in creating a unique and memorable logo for "Pro Coat."
  • We designed labels for the product cans, ensuring they reflected the brand's identity and communicated product information effectively.
  • Professional instruction leaflets and promotional flyers were crafted to provide clear guidance and generate interest.

Client collaboration:

  • Throughout the design process, we maintained open communication and collaborated closely with the client to understand their vision and preferences.
  • Multiple design iterations were developed and refined based on client feedback.

The outcome

A very satisfied client

A very satisfied client

The client was highly satisfied with the final results, including the logo, labels, instruction leaflets, and promotional materials.

Successful Product Launch

The new brand identity gave "Pro Coat" a strong presence in the market, attracting attention both online and in physical stores.

Ongoing Success

"Pro Coat" continues to perform well in the market, thanks in part to its visually appealing branding and informative marketing materials.

A compelling brand identity

The successful collaboration between our marketing agency and our client led to the creation of a compelling brand identity for "Pro Coat." From the eye-catching logo to the informative labels and marketing materials, the brand now stands out in a competitive market. The product's ongoing success is a testament to the power of effective branding and design.

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