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Web Development High Wycombe
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In May 2018, Tech nation revealed that the UK’s tech sector is expanding 2.6 times faster than any other industry. In fact, the turnover from tech firms had increased by 4.5% over 12 months. This government-funded body went on to identify 16 towns across the UK with high employment around innovative tech, fuelling this growth in Britain’s tech industry. Unsurprisingly to us, High Wycombe was on the list.

BBI Brandboost has seen High Wycombe grow into a rapidly advancing and innovative technological hub.  Being based in this town with its high tech profile has assisted us in growing our business, attracting clients from a range of sectors throughout London, the Home Counties and further afield. As a result, we are able to bring a wide and varied expanse of industry knowledge to support the online communications and marketing services we offer.

Many organisations recognise that websites can be a shop window for their business, but we believe that their role can go further than this and act as key communications hubs for the brands they represent. Web development plays a key role in maintaining the relevance and impact of a brand’s online presence. 

BBI Brandboost has been offering online communication and marketing services since 1996 and we have undertaken a wide range of B2B and B2C website design and website development projects. These have included sites targeting industrial, corporate, healthcare, leisure and creative markets.

Throughout this period, we have witnessed the expansion of the all-pervading online world. With this in mind, we’ve managed to convince our operation oracles to share what they think is most important to website development and what as a business you can do to optimise it.

SEO: The Competitive Edge

SEO: The Competitive Edge

Treat it like a partnership

Treat your website like you would any partnership. Maintain it, nurture it and keep an eye on who is taking interest. There are various lead generator tools you can use these days, and these can be great ways to track who is visiting your website, what pages are getting good levels of engagement and guide you to amend any content or structure accordingly. The golden rule here is to take care of your website. Don’t allow it to sit there unattended, but instead build on it, change it and make new innovations and improvements to content. Not only does this show visitors you are an active and exciting brand, but it will also demonstrate this to Google, which will optimise your chances of gaining better search page rankings.

Develop and grow

Whether you are looking for an off-the-shelf theme or a bespoke and intricately designed website, growing and developing its features are vital. At BBI Brandboost we offer a consultation to discuss your options, taking into account your current business plan and potential growth of your organisation. Developing a website doesn’t always mean creating it from scratch. As a website development company, we have in many cases provided solutions for updating an existing website in order to maintain or enhance its user experience and SEO value.

We understand that improving certain aspects of your website can make all the difference. For instance, we have assisted many of our clients with e-commerce development and others looking for bespoke website applications based on their services. The most important thing to consider when reaching this stage is finding a company that understands the needs and potential scope of your business. Our experience has proved we are up to the task.

Focus on user experience and SEO

If you can create a synergy between your brand identity, desired audiences and website functionality then your online presence should begin to see positive results. Website development is about more than just maintaining your brand style guidelines; it’s about the user experience, the quality of the content and images and the architecture of the website design, which have a strong influence on organic SEO.

So while the correct colours, fonts and design aesthetics of your website are important in creating an authentic and credible brand, creating a website that is easily navigated, quick to load and offers an interactive experience can improve conversion rates and return users.

When it comes to the SEO of your website, think about the services you offer, what your clients are looking for and how you can fulfil that need. From here, make sure the relevant key phrases and trending topics are built and maintained throughout the website. If you’re worried about making your website too complex or cluttered, think about creating a series of landing pages that can link directly to your services or offers.

How can we support your business?

At BBI Brandboost we take the time to talk you through you options, and can supply examples and templates of our work in order to give you peace of mind when it comes to your project. We can provide a full range of web solutions, from the creative to the technical. If you’re looking for more advice, or simply want to see what we can do, take a look at our work and get in touch. We believe we can provide you with the best advice on web development High Wycombe or anywhere else has to offer.


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