Backups & Disaster Recovery

Backups & Disaster Recovery

Why Backups Matter

It is easy to lose all your website content because of a server crash, accidental deletion, or a malicious attack. Backups are your safety net, allowing you to restore your website to a previous state and minimise downtime.

Types of Backups

  • Full Website Backup: This is a complete copy of your website, including all files, databases, themes, plugins, and settings. Full backups are crucial for recovering from major disasters.
  • Database Backup: The WordPress database stores all your website's content, such as posts, pages, comments, and user information. Regularly backing up your database ensures you can restore this critical data if needed.

Backup Frequency

The recommended backup frequency depends on how frequently your website content changes. For websites with daily updates, consider daily or bi-daily backups. Websites with less frequent updates can schedule weekly or bi-weekly backups.

Backup Storage

  • Do Not Store Backups on the Same Server: This creates a single point of failure, meaning if the server crashes, both your website and backups become inaccessible.
  • Cloud Storage: Online storage services offer a secure and reliable way to store website backups. Choose a reputable cloud storage provider with strong security measures and data redundancy.
  • Local Storage: Backups can also be stored on an external hard drive. However, this method requires manual intervention and is more susceptible to physical damage or loss.

Backup Automation

Manually creating backups can be time-consuming and error-prone. Utilise reliable backup plugins that automate the backup process and schedule regular backups according to your needs.

Testing your Backups

Regularly test your backups to ensure they can be restored successfully. Create a staging environment or use a test server to restore a backup and verify everything functions properly.

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