Updates and Compatibility

Updates and Compatibility

Why Updates Matter 

Regularly updating WordPress core software, themes, and plugins ensures optimal performance, security, and compatibility. Developers frequently release updates that address bugs, introduce new features, and patch security vulnerabilities.

Updating your WordPress website

  • Develop an Update Schedule: Establish a routine for checking for updates at least once a week. Updates are typically easily accessible within your WordPress dashboard. BBI can help with this; our service is perfectly suited to businesses that do not have the time to worry about WordPress maintenance. Let us handle the heavy lifting!
  • Test Before Updating: It's always a good practice to back up your website before installing any major updates. Consider testing them in a staging environment first to avoid unexpected issues on your live website.
  • Update WordPress Core: This is the foundation of your website. Update the core software whenever a new version is available to benefit from the latest features and security patches.
  • Update Themes & Plugins: Similarly, update your themes and plugins as new versions become available. Outdated themes and plugins can introduce compatibility issues and security vulnerabilities.
  • Theme & Plugin Compatibility: Choose themes and plugins that are actively maintained and compatible with the latest version of WordPress.Content Management Strategies

Pro Tip: Repurpose existing content into different formats. For example, a blog post can be adapted into a video script or an infographic. This maximises the value you derive from your content creation efforts.

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