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Carbon Fibre Profiles E-shop Case Study

Carbon Fibre Profiles Case Study

The Challenge

A British manufacturing success story, Carbon Fibre Profiles is a thriving business that produces and then sells online specialist Carbon Fibre parts for kite makers, sailors, sportscar enthusiasts and racing teams...  anyone who needs carbon fibre components for their business or hobby. When we first spoke with the team at Carbon Fibre Profiles, the website had become outdated as it did not cater for mobile visitors. It also had a number of technical issues to resolve and needed, in reality, a complete overhaul. Our challenge was to build and launch a new version of the e-commerce website - using our client's preferred platform - and to migrate the website over to our own server while ensuring no interruption of service so that orders could continue to be received. In short, the client needed a new website that improved on the previous one in every possible way and that had to be launched without causing any downtime to the business.

The Method

Knowing that a greatly improved mobile experience was required, as well as various technical improvments, while still using the e-commerce platform already in use, we began by looking at the infrastructure to ensure we were getting the best possible results from the available toolset. For example, by deploying the very latest version of the client's chosen e-commerce platform on our server, we could ensure mobile-friendliness, a high speed of website delivery to end users and a certain degree of future-proofing.

The Result

The online shop went live after a development period of around eight weeks and is now fully functioning, with the goal achieved of making life easier for our client's customers through making the website more robust and mobile-friendly.

Visit the website

Carbon Fibre Profiles e-commerce websiteCarbon Fibre components by Carbon Fibre Profiles are now available to buy online through the e-commerce website built by BBI Brandboost's expert team of website design and development specialists. Visit the website by clicking the link on the right.

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