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Social Responsibility

When businesses get involved in non-commercial work, it can bring new perspectives to what they do and reveal skills and knowledge within the company team that might not be apparent in normal day-to-day activities. This may not be obviously good for business in terms of the bottom line, but it can be very good for the motivation and work satisfaction of businesspeople as well as providing support to worthwhile causes.

The words corporate social responsibility (CSR) bring to mind large companies determined to make huge reductions in their carbon footprint and establish praiseworthy ethical credentials through sponsorship and contributions to charity, education and the community. Being a small company, the scope of our ambitions in this area is relatively limited and we have invariably focused our efforts on local projects.

Offering services and sponsorship

BBI Brandboost has been established in High Wycombe for over 20 years and a number of our staff not only work here but live in the town or nearby. This is very helpful because, as well as having a genuine commitment to the High Wycombe community, we are also able to gain a lot of inside local knowledge.

For example, we are happy to offer free website design and build services for specific local good causes. The site we produced for we believe captures the happy and positive atmosphere of this excellent coeducational primary school near Marlow, Bucks.

Our MD's children had been educated at Danesfield School so we know at first-hand what a great school it is. We received the school’s Heather Award as thanks for designing their website, which meant a great deal to us all.

We are also involved with Marlow Football Club through sponsoring the Marlow Town U15 team by providing their smart yellow away strip embellished with our logo. Marlow FC is one of the oldest clubs in the country and was one of the original entrants to the first FA Cup competition in 1871/72. The BBI Brandboost will be eagerly following the fortunes of Marlow Town U15s and cheering them to victory!

Commitment to Community and Environment

BBI Brandboost works with a number of businesses in the High Wycombe area, both as clients and suppliers. Our involvement with business and the community was recently reinforced by our website design and build project for The organisation of local businesses running the High Wycombe Business Improvement District (BID) provides an invaluable range of services and events dedicated to improving the commercial area of the town.

Commitment to the community includes ensuring our business is as eco-friendly as possible along its supply chain, including in the procurement of materials and the professional disposal of waste. As a small clean-tech company our impact on the environment will always be minimal, but we are conscientious in our approach to this issue. There are a huge number of inspirational quotes about how doing little things can combine to change and improve the bigger picture, but here are three of our favourites:

Few will have the greatness to bend history itself, but each of us can work to change a small portion of events.

Robert F Kennedy

In a gentle way, you can shake the world.

Mahatma Gandhi

I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something.

Edward Everett Hale

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