Hayden Tomas

Hayden Tomas

As Lead Developer for BBI Brandboost, Hayden specialises in the development of custom websites and e-commerce sites, as well as themes, modules and web apps to enhance online user experience. He is experienced at using a variety of content management systems, including our preferred CMS platform DNN, as well as WordPress, Magento and Umbraco.  As the leading member of our operations team, his technical expertise is matched by an excellent understanding of digital marketing and corporate branding priorities.

Hayden particularly enjoys a site speed challenge and strives towards creating fast loading, secure and Google friendly websites for each and every one of BBI Brandboost’s clients.


Articles by Hayden Tomas


With a recent revelation that IE 11 may be dangerous, it is advisable to move away from using this outdated technology...


We know that DNN is the most easy to administer, flexible and SEO-friendly CMS on the market. The versatility of the DNN platform provides powerful development tools for building great websites.


Should your next website be designed Mobile Up or Desktop Down? What is mobile up? Which mindset should you be in? Should all websites be responsive? Find out in this important, informative guide.



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