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Marketing is an essential tool for business development. In a continually growing and changing online world, keeping up with the latest trends and implementing the more technologically savvy campaigns is a growing concern amongst many organisations.

Marketing in the digital age can open up many opportunities for business, as it aligns with the way both consumers and B2B customers make purchasing decisions. By correctly implementing the direct lines of communication available through online media and social channels, marketing can reach and influence the right audiences in a cost effective manner.

Building relationships online, and allowing your brand to find personal affiliation with its target markets is increasingly important in today’s world. With the potential of reaching an infinite range of audiences both nationally and globally, online marketing can build and nurture relationships, achieve high levels of penetration, foster engagement and in doing so, attract the online traffic your business aspires to.

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BBI Brandboost can provide the skills and experience to ensure your online marketing and social media activities consistently communicate the right messages to the right people at the right time.

We take the time to research and understand your desired audience, their motives and their behaviour patterns, and create innovative campaigns in order to reach this demographic in a cost and time effective way. We understand that the growing number online channels each work under different demands and objectives. Each offer opportunities to connect with different social tribes and business interests. With this in mind, we are able to create a communication strategy that can effectively reach and influence your target audiences in a fast and measurable manner.

Tell us where you are and where you want to go, and we’ll show you the best ways to get there, with all the support you could possibly want. Our flexible and scalable online marketing services can help your business to engage with the people you want to reach in the ways they increasingly prefer.

With 30 years of marketing and 20 years of internet experience, BBI Brandboost offers strategic, creative, technical and production expertise that’s hard to match. We’ve climbed many learning curves and tried and tested many options. This means we can design powerful online marketing programmes from a strong knowledge base.

Why choose BBI Brandboost for Online Marketing
Our Online Marketing services include


  • Researching your audience, organisation and business objectives
  • Implementing innovative marketing campaigns across a range of online channels
  • Enhancing and optimising your web presence
  • Advising on strategic marketing and communications
  • Creating distinctive content
  • Communicating and prioritizing key messages
  • Highlighting critical B2B USPs and differentiators
  • Promoting effective spokesmanship and person-to-audience engagement


Three essential tips for handling change.

In business, change is inevitable and sometimes may be forced upon you when the status quo appears preferable.  However, a seemingly unwanted development may facilitate a new chapter of success. You can maintain customer loyalty and maybe build new bridges. Here’s some thoughts on how to do it…

1. Maintain your USP

No matter how fundamental the change your business is facing, it is vital to retain the USP that your customers value. You have to keep your USP in order to retain customer loyalty.

When all cars are electric in 2040, will they all be the same? Of course not. Hyundai will offer the value for the money that its customers have come to love, while BMW will offer the build quality and level of comfort with which it is synonymous.

If you do not know what it is that your customers love about your business – what it is that keeps them loyal – definitely put aside time and resources to find this out.

2. Publicise the change

Do not try to conceal that a change is taking place within your business. Any attempt to do so will inevitably backfire as modern day communications ensure news spreads fast and rumours even faster.

Transparency is vital and, if step one above is adhered to, then there is nothing to fear. While your customers might react to a headline with a certain degree of apprehension, once it becomes clear that your business will retain the characteristics upon which their loyalty is founded, they will embrace the change willingly.

When publicising it, be sure to explain the benefits of the change that is taking place fully - that is not spin, it is just good communication.

3. Explain the journey

Unless your business is very young, this is unlikely to be the first change in its history. We ourselves have gone from being a below the line marketing agency in the 1980s, to adding website design to our list of services in the mid-1990s, to broadening our range of skills and abilities in the noughties, to becoming the fully integrated firm of online communications and marketing specialists that we are today. Throughout that journey, we have successfully retained many customers who have not only appreciated our USP but who have also seen the benefits of our direction of travel.

By keeping customers informed about the evolution of our business, and by signposting the benefits to be accrued along the way, we have maintained their confidence and loyalty.


Even if you do not have plans to undertake any major developments in the near future, the ever-changing business environment is sure to create new challenges and to present your business with new opportunities. Failure to adapt to technological advancements, reimagined business models, evolving customer expectations and shifts in the economy will see your business struggle to maintain its standing among more dynamic organisations.

The onward march of change makes the ability to present its benefits a vital requirement of any business. If you need help with your communication strategy, we will be pleased to help in any way.

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