Building your website's box office ratings

A film location can be critical to its box office success. It supports the narrative with authenticity and visual impact and is the all important backdrop against which actions take place. Websites play an equally vital support role for an infinite range of companies, organisations and interest groups and their box office success can be rated by the levels of targeted traffic they attract.

The website is a communications hub that delivers key messages, builds public awareness and maybe sells products and services direct. However, the need to establish box office success with their websites can frequently drive businesses into a focus on the communications spokes/channels leading to the website hub while neglecting the priority of ensuring that visitor expectations are not disappointed on arrival. This view is supported by this useful Hubpages post.

Of course it is important to use online and offline promotions, social media, inbound marketing techniques and other relevant strategies to the full. But a rewarding visitor experience needs to peak at discovering what’s on offer at the site itself, such as:

  • Exceptional quality of text and images
  • Information that is continually current and refreshed
  • Ideas and opinions that are constantly useful and refreshing
  • Content brilliantly presented
  • Navigation made pleasurable for the user

BBI Brandboost is an experienced Buckinghamshire based website design team that has been active throughout the Internet revolution and as such has developed a deep reservoir of online skills and strategic knowhow. 

Our expertise includes Website design and development that produces an environment of creative and relevant content, responsive to the mobile world and interactive for an increasingly sophisticated online audience.

Our next newsletters will be looking at methods of pulling in website traffic from every route, but don’t wait to contact us at any time on 01494 452600 or by email to discuss putting that vital element of box office success into the design and content of your website.