A year ago, Google’s Matt Cutts described coming plans, including launching Payday Loan 2.0 algorithm update targeted at “very spammy queries.”

Google aims to promote quality content and inspire engagement, denying value to link spammers, penalising advertorials masked as editorials and ensuring better hack site detection - all admirable stuff. 

However, best intentions can have unfortunate consequences. In a recent Moz blog, Peter Meyers highlights the Panda 4.0 algorithm launch, predicting a possible “substantial rankings flux” as an upshot. Already, one major effect has been a serious fall in the search rankings of eBay. Dr Meyers comments: “I’ve no idea if they’ve done anything that merits major ranking changes. This could be a technical issue or a mistake on Google’s part.” As eBay performs a useful service, let’s hope this issue is resolved soon.