Business courtship works through attracting target traffic to content on the company website, blogs, articles and social media channels.  As has been said many times by BBI Brandboost and other web marketing specialists, engagement is not a hard sell. Wooing through content that is relevant, informative, entertaining and accessible is much more likely to succeed.

Hot off the press is an excellent content marketing article from Steve Mullen1 with some interesting ideas on “rules of engagement.”  In our view, the Rule of Thirds is particularly useful. This is devised for the context of social media but has wider web and online marketing applications. The rule advises that content produced should comprise:

  • 1/3  about your business: including product  information and company events
  • 1/3  about industry topics & trends:  including industry expert blog posts and sharing helpful presentations
  • 1/3 about you: including responding on Twitter and engaging with your network. We would also add that personal authorship and engagement has strong SEO benefits

This 3-level mixed approach can be a good model for some, though not all, marketing emails: informative about your business and industry developments while being personally engaging as well. 

Also, if attempting to propose to a potential client via email, responsively designing for mobiles is essential.

MarketingProfs2  highlights a recent report based on 1.3 billion emails opened during the winter holiday 2013, showing that 51% were accessed via mobiles as opposed to 27% via desktops and 22% via webmail. The development of wearable tech is also seen as a trend to be considered by Email Vendor Selection:3  “Email marketers will have to adapt to shrinking screen sizes and fit their CTAs in using far fewer pixels. The uptake of devices such as Google Glass and Samsung Galaxy Gear will also allow for a new wave of email and productivity apps to be developed, for both the average consumer and for the email marketer on the go.”

Now we move to divorce, which in email marketing terms is when the “intended” decides to unsubscribe. Econsultancy 4 has produced a list of 10 the most unsubscribed companies and the overriding reason for their fate seems to be faulty timing. This can be a particularly hard thing to get right and strategic planning of email sends is all important.

BBI Brandboost has developed successful targeted email marketing campaigns for our clients using a strategic approach to content across all communications channels. Contact us on 01494 452600 or by email to see how we can develop and enhance your email marketing programmes.

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 By Jason Freeman