Email marketing offers impressive ROI

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For anyone who believes that email marketing is a tactic that has had its day, they need to think again.

As recently highlighted in Marketing Week, a survey by Econsultancy revealed that 73% of marketers “rate email as the number one digital channel for ROI.”

The stats to back this up are striking and reinforce BBI Brandboost’s belief in the effectiveness of focused email marketing.

So what are the recent findings, and what are the implications of the forthcoming GDPR regulations for this marketing strategy?


A strategy that works


The Marketing Week article “How to use email marketing effectively” posted online on 5th April shows that email is flourishing as new approaches and technologies are brought into play. It cites the DMA (Direct Marketing Association) Email Tracker 2018 report, which claims that “return on investment for email increased from an estimated £30.03 for every £1 spent in 2016 to £32.28 in 2017.”

The article also mentions how a Virgin Holidays award winning email campaign led to a 31% increase in website traffic. This contextual campaign aimed to be “visually appealing but also timely, relevant and valuable to each unique email recipient.”

These objectives are critical to email campaigns, requiring creativity, planning and insight. This is where understanding your audience is crucial, as is creating a platform with which they can purposefully engage. Additionally, integrating email marketing with topical trends and specified landing pages for your audiences can reinforce your message.

These days marketing doesn’t stop with an email. The creative and technical elements of strategic marketing now come in every shape from SEO, to social campaigns. This is why integrating email campaigns into your comprehensive marketing strategy can make all the difference.

In the Marketing Week article, Saul Lopes of Virgin Holidays said he believed that GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) would create significant opportunities by marketing to target audiences that are genuinely engaged with the subject matter that they are receiving. BBI Brandboost also believes that GDPR will have a positive effect on engagement rates.

We cover Email Marketing on our website as a core element in our range of online marketing services. Our approach for ourselves and our clients is to produce creative and relevant content that is focused on the interests and requirements of the target audiences the emails are designed to reach.

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