Is Facebook business-friendly anymore?

Is Facebook business friendly anymore?

Posts from friends have priority over business updatesWhen the BBC’s Technology Correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones asserts that businesses may now question the value of Facebook as a platform for relaying their messages to consumers, it must provide food for thought.

This follows Mark Zuckerberg’s recent proposal to dilute the importance of Facebook’s Newsfeed facility by shifting the focus to private sharing platforms. For businesses that rely on News Feed to engage with either consumers or B2B target audiences, this is a challenging development.

Challenging but not insurmountable. We believe that there are strategies that Facebook’s business users can employ to overcome this issue.


The recent BBC Tech News article “Is Facebook’s News Feed Fading?”  described Zuckerberg’s intention to shift emphasis away from its public News Feed channel to platforms that offer private sharing, in line with Facebook’s perception of public demand. Messenger, WhatsApp and Stories are specifically mentioned.

The Instagram Stories feature offers temporary visibility of content before it’s removed, which has also been claimed to attract Facebook users. The Facebook Watch tab video platform is yet another feature said to be enticing users away from News Feed.

Being a public space, News Feed has provided an appropriate forum for business messages and engagement. However, on spaces for private content sharing, this could be seen as intrusive and this in turn could damage perception of a brand.  

So could it be time for businesses to abandon Facebook in their marketing strategies?

No, we don’t believe they should.


Many businesses have invested a lot of time and resources into their Facebook pages. Furthermore, while BBI Brandboost believes strongly in the effectiveness of an organisation’s website for online communications and interaction, we also understand that some businesses will prefer Facebook as their main focus for generating brand awareness.

This may be because they believe that Facebook is the ideal tool for engaging with their target audiences. Additionally, while they may have strong in-house talent and capabilities for managing Facebook page content, they may not have similar skills internally to manage website content.

We would recommend that these businesses continue to maintain a Facebook presence, but they should realise that their posts on Facebook are now less likely to be shown in their audience’s news feeds.

Therefore, they may need to adopt other communication strategies to attract target visitors to their Facebook page. For example, they could reach out to their audiences through diverse social media channels or approach them via email or direct marketing.

This means that businesses need to focus even more intensely on the quality of their Facebook page content to justly reward the loyal fans who make the effort to seek the page out; a process that will help to nurture a positive brand perception.


BBI Brandboost provides successful social media marketing campaigns for clients across a variety of industry sectors, building awareness in both B2B and B2C audiences. The social media, SEO and online marketing strategies we devise for our clients will attract target audiences to corporate websites, specific landing pages and social networks identified as the most effective for specific business requirements.

Please feel free to contact us at any time to gain our support in multi-channel marketing and communications.   

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