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2023 digital marketing trends

Bradley Rose | 21 Dec, 2022 | Return|

Trends in marketing 2023The digital market is constantly changing to meet consumer demand and online users expect a lot from businesses, as such user experience plays a big part in whether or not people choose to purchase a service or product.

With 1.5 billion social media users across the globe, the fact a business has a larger audience to target by being online is plain to see, but what significant digital marketing trends are likely to occur in 2023? Here are four trends which we at BBI Brandboost feel are going to play a large part within the digital market during 2023 and beyond. 

1.    Short videos: 

Short videos will be big in 2023In 2018, Cisco declared that by 2022, online videos will make up 82% of all consumer internet traffic. And while we know that video has been a key marketing tool for a while now, it is still developing and evolving further. 

Many creators are innovating with shorter form content to meet the needs of viewers who have less time and shorter attention spans. YouTube Shorts now has 1.5 billion monthly active users and sees more than 30 billion daily views, making it a large area of opportunity for businesses to exploit. With so much content out there fighting for the attention of users it is essential that story telling best practices are followed and videos jump straight into the action. 

2.    Employee social posts:

Employee social posts will be big in 2023Employee engagement can help drive marketing success for a business. Employees are the face of a business and therefore it is important that they are able to engage with customers. The use of online social media accounts such as LinkedIn can be utilised to share news and posts from a business. This is because personal profiles and assets are often more effective at engaging with people authentically than business accounts and assets. Consumers like to interact with an actual person, and is why we think we will continue to see more employee social posts in the future. 

3.    Influencer marketing:

Influencer marketing will be big in 2023Influencer marketing is not a new concept, but is becoming a more popular form of marketing, and is even starting to be used by smaller businesses. Businesses are becoming savvier than ever in how they use influencer marketing, creating ads that fit seamlessly into social media feeds, and integrating their e-commerce marketing strategy platforms with social media channels. 

Influencer marketing is responsible for bringing in, on average, $5.20 for every $1 spent on this type of marketing, showcasing how it can be a success if used in the right manner. Working with influencers, either on social media or through guest blog posts, can help to get a product in front of a new audience that has an existing relationship with them.

4.    Digital sustainability:

Digital sustainability will be big in 2023Sustainability continues to be a hot topic and is something which all businesses will need to consider strongly moving forward. Consumers are becoming more conscious about where their products come from and they want brands to help them make sustainable choices

Businesses are striving to present their brands as environmentally friendly, and some have launched large marketing campaigns to improve their image around this issue. For example the cat food brand Sheba created an innovative ad campaign to help save the world’s fish. With recent events such as COP27 highlighting the urgent need for action, it seems safe to assume that businesses, through the tool of digital sustainability, will look to show consumers that they care about the environment. 

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If you want to make significant improvements with your brand when it comes to marketing, it is important to keep up to date with the latest trends to ensure your business does not get left behind. Knowing which trends to focus on is also crucial to the success of a marketing plan.

If you require any marketing expertise to help your business take advantage of these trends then please contact us now. 

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Bradley Rose

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