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A Basic Introduction to Technical SEO

Bradley Rose | 10 Jan, 2024 | Return|


Google is known for its frequent algorithm updates, search index changes, and refreshes, such as BERT, all of which underlines the importance for small businesses to stay informed. Keeping abreast of these changes is crucial to maintaining a high performance in search engine results.


While many believe stuffing a website with keywords will boost search rankings, this approach can backfire. It's not about quantity but the strategic use of keywords. It is important to research using keyword tools, and focus on relevant keywords that have the highest volume of search queries.

SEO Principles

Building a solid SEO foundation involves several key considerations:

  1. Website Page Optimisation: Craft compelling Meta Titles and Descriptions.
  2. Check for Broken Links: Ensure a seamless user experience by fixing broken links.
  3. Building Backlinks: Assess the quality and quantity of existing backlinks. Focus on generating diverse, reputable sources.
  4. Mobile-Friendly Design: Optimise your website for mobile devices.
  5. Website Speed Check: Improve loading times for enhanced user experience.
  6. Google My Business/Maps Page: Create a comprehensive business profile on Google.
  7. Get Google Reviews: Encourage and gather positive reviews for credibility.

Backlinks and SEO

For well-aged websites, address the balance of quantity versus quality, while newer sites should focus on generating diverse links from reputable sources. Dofollow backlinks play a pivotal role in SEO by facilitating users in discovering additional information on relevant subjects. In the eyes of search engines, the significance and value of a page are largely determined by the presence and quality of backlinks.

Keeping Your Website Fresh

Achieving a good ranking doesn't mean you can relax. Regular updates are key:

  1. Website Management: Continuously add new pages, update blogs, and adapt to the latest algorithm changes.
  2. Embrace Blogging: It as an effective way to maintain fresh, regular, and unique content.

If you require expert support for your SEO needs, feel free to contact us. Stay proactive, adapt to industry shifts, and keep your online presence optimised for success in the dynamic landscape of search engine rankings with the help of BBI Brandboost.

About the Author

Bradley Rose

Bradley Rose

As well as managing the SEO programmes for BBI Brandboost clients, Bradley is also one of our talented team of copywriters. These complementary capabilities ensure that online content enriched for SEO also engages target audiences and offers the highest quality UX. As our dedicated SEO specialist, he is an expert at research, analysis and implementation of the programmes we implement to enhance online visibility for our client brands.

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