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Ronnie Gunn | 09 Jan, 2020 | Return|

There are countless apps available online targeting consumers and businesses worldwide. They are designed to aid communication, facilitate travel, provide entertainment and assist business transactions - plus a whole lot more besides.

Being involved in web app development ourselves, we are always interested in new solutions that stand out from the crowd. There’s been one development in the news that we have found particularly exciting, because it has profound and possibly world-changing implications.


No need for wastage 

The BBC has been profiling exceptional business leaders from around the world, and a recent online article entitled “The entrepreneur stopping food waste” is well worth reading. This covers the fascinating career path of the talented Danish businesswoman Mette Lykke, whose latest venture has been to develop the market for an imaginative app aimed at tackling food wastage at restaurants, hotels, supermarkets and other outlets.

Waste reduction of any kind is beneficial, but the article describes how important the issue of food wastage is to the environment, namely: “According to the UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation, one-third of the world's food is wasted. When ranked alongside countries, food waste is the world's third-largest producer of carbon dioxide after the USA and China.”

In other words, if the amount of food that is wasted can be radically reduced, then there will be a positive impact that may even reduce the rate of climate change.

The Too Good To Go app enterprise now has operations across Europe, including in the UK. It collaborates with 30,000 business partners and has attracted 18 million users to acquire nourishing leftover food at discounted prices from its associated outlets. The business is expanding rapidly and Mette Lykke says that she aims to save a billion meals in the next five years.

Demonstrating a range of talents

The success of the Too Good To Go app has been achieved because of the vision and business acumen of those that produced and promoted it as well as their technical skills. They were able to judge the public mood on environmental issues and identify a way to motivate both food suppliers and users to buy in to the scheme. They demonstrated that their venture has prospered through the range of talents they were able to bring to bear on it.

In the section of our website covering App Development we state that: “Our USP is the collaboration of creative marketing, and technical programming, offering a wide expanse of knowledge and experience to suit your needs.”

BBI Brandboost cannot claim to have created an app that could reduce food wastage by up to a billion meals in five years and we are hugely impressed by the achievements of Too Good To Go.

However, we have produced invaluable mobile apps and bespoke web applications for a range of sectors including engineering, financial services and consumer markets. Please contact us for an app solution to enhance target user engagement and brand awareness for your business.  

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Ronnie Gunn

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