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BBI's response to Covid-19

Andrew Libra | 22 May, 2020 | Return|

This extended period of lockdown has for us, like everyone else, been a totally new experience and one in which we have had to adapt to remote working. Our team at BBI Brandboost have stepped up to the task of going the extra mile for our clients and we have reshaped our way of working in order to meet their demands.

One way in which this has happened is through an extended use of social media platforms, as this has been shown as a vital way to stay in touch with customers. We have previously highlighted the importance of social media and would like to share some of the ways we have utilised the platforms during the pandemic.


Social media strategy

Our Social Media Strategy

To start with it was important to inform our clients why an increased output via social media would be important during the lockdown. The main reason for this was that it would be the most efficient way to communicate with target audiences when face-to-face contacts were impossible, as well as extending public awareness of their brands.

It was then critical that we evaluated which platforms each client’s target audiences would be using and decide how much activity should be performed on each. This defined the strategic plans which our team would follow that could involve daily engagement on Twitter, activity on YouTube, and/or weekly Instagram and LinkedIn posts.

Even though our team have been working remotely, we have been keeping lines of communication open constantly, enabling invaluable collaboration in carrying out social media tasks. This includes sharing images and ideas, as well as passing on tasks in detail if a member of staff is away.

We believe that by following a strategic plan, our clients have seen a significant boost in their social media presence, from increased numbers of targeted Twitter followers to many useful interactions on LinkedIn. 

Looking Ahead

We also think that once we return to the office, and the lockdown procedures are lifted, the level of activity currently seen on social media should not go down. 

We are following advice and guidelines from the Government, and will only open our offices when it is safe to do so. In the meantime we are continuing to deliver successful social media campaigns, and would be delighted to hear from you if your online presence needs a boost. 

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Andrew Libra

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