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General Election - June 8th 2017

Jason Freeman | 18 Apr, 2017 | Return|
general election

Theresa May has just now announced there will be a general election on June 8th this year.

From a PR point of view, this is a masterstroke.

Theresa May has thrown down the gauntlet in emphatic style and her challenge to opposition politicians is clear - either put up or shut up.

For a Prime Minister who has frequently been described as cautious, this is a bold, career-defining pronouncement that will shape this country's future relationships with both Europe and the wider world.

There is of course the possibility that the Conservatives could lose the election and that is what makes today's announcement such a courageous move and one that, if successful, will be seen as the PR coup of the century. A general election victory will signal to the world's decision makers that the UK is united behind its leadership and our position at the negotiating table will be significantly bolstered.

An unequivocal statement of intent from the British people will be good not only for the UK itself, but for individual businesses and our trading partners.

Such a statement of intent is frequently a strong tactic to use in business communications as well as politics. Securing this statement from the British electorate is not a certainty at this stage, but Theresa May will have learnt from both the last General Election and the EU Referendum what it takes to garner the backing of the public. In short, a clear explanation of positive benefits will always triumph over a fearful portrayal of the downside to a decision.

The same approach will always win in business, as it does in politics. Sometimes, an audacious move is required by a business when a marketplace is seen to shift or to have been disrupted. A new product or service, or a new brand or even ethos can be required when it is a question of adapt or die. The businesses that emerge victorious from these landmark moments in their evolution are the ones that are able to best communicate the positives of the change taking place to their audience.

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