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How to lead the way in Christmas marketing

Andrew Libra | 08 Dec, 2017 | Return|

Christmas Marketing 

Confused by this title? After all, most people have put in an order for their turkeys and probably bought Christmas presents for their nearest and dearest.
So, as it’s now the beginning of December, isn’t it a bit late to be talking about Christmas marketing? No, not at all - for several good reasons...

Taking the long view

  • Marketing is a year round activity and Christmas offers a time for businesses to present themselves in unique ways. Seasonal TV ads from well-known major retailers are not simply designed to increase Christmas sales but to build positive public perception. Heart-warming stories reflect well on the people that tell them and the beneficial effects can be lasting.
  • Strategically many businesses in both the B2B and B2C sectors will use Christmas of one year to plan for the next Festive Season. Indeed it can be an excellent time to prepare elements of an annual marketing programme. For instance, this could involve creating and communicating an effective business narrative with well-chosen themes building up to a climax for Christmas 2018.
  • Christmas offers businesses unique opportunities to show their human face and demonstrate that they are personable as well as professional. This can be particularly effective when dealing with target audiences in the B2B sector that may make direct contact with the people a company employs.

This is not just about posting an image on social media of staff eating mince pies. However appealing that might be, it will be rapidly forgotten by customers and prospects. Ideas need to be chosen that can be carried through to have a more lasting effect.

Seizing the moment

  • Tactically there is still time to harvest marketing benefits in Christmas 2017; in fact it could be the ideal moment. There is of course a lot of Christmas noise currently going on, but original and imaginative messages delivered through the right channels will rise above the general chatter.
  • A variety of methods can be used for communicating tactical messages, including PPC and AdWords, remarketing and social networks. When dealing with B2B audiences, it could also be a good time to send out something more than just an online Christmas card – perhaps an imaginative special offer could go down well?
  • Christmas is associated with games and an online puzzle or quiz can be an effective way to drive visitors to a company website or Facebook page. By measuring its level of success, this feature can then be changed and updated, to be retained either as a permanent feature or brought back at regular intervals.

As at any time throughout the marketing year, Christmas is not a time to be jumping on bandwagons, but it can be a good time for a business to blow its own seasonal trumpet.

And, since this is a time of goodwill, hopefully we might also be forgiven for using the odd mixed metaphor!

Merry Christmas!

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