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Let your business thrive in beastly conditions

Ronnie Gunn | 01 Mar, 2018 | Return|

Come summer, the Beast from the East will fade into distant memory, but right now this extreme winter weather has been causing havoc to transport and communications and therefore to business. And there is no reason to suppose that this is a one-off. Climatic conditions are becoming increasingly volatile and unpredictable.

There is a way that businesses can act to counteract or at least mitigate the disruption that extreme weather can cause. It is also a winning formula for enhancing communication with employees and stakeholders all year round.

Create your own social network

Create your own social networkIn the same way as a social media channel provides a platform for communication for people across widespread locations, a company intranet or extranet can offer an excellent means of delivering and receiving information between participating members.

At the beginning of this year, we posted an article on our website about how intranets can maintain channels of communication between a company and its remote workers, with stats emphasising the perceived benefits of establishing a flexible working environment.

Horrendous weather such as we’ve been seeing with the Beast from the East puts a new perspective on these benefits. Employees obliged to stay at home because the journey to the office is too difficult or even dangerous can work seamlessly if there is an effective intranet facility in place. Communication can be maintained with minimal disruption to business operations.

New levels of sophistication

It is a long time since intranets were just an online version of the company bulletin board. Intranets and extranets can now offer exceptionally diverse secure restricted user environments: interactive, multi-functional and rich in features.

BBI Brandboost has created a wide range of intranets, extranets and specialist password protected membership networks for both manufacturing and service industries. A case study on our website for an international specialist engineering company shows just how far reaching and effective a restricted network can be.

Get in touch to discover how we can build a unique (and weatherproof!) controlled communications environment for your business.

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