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Local SEO: How can you increase your Google rankings?

Jason Freeman | 10 Jan, 2024 | Return|

In the local marketplace, your Google Business Profile is king

Imagine a virtual town square bustling with potential customers. Google My Business is your prime real estate in this marketplace, attracting nearby searchers and guiding them to your doorstep. But simply setting up shop isn't enough. Optimise your profile, and you'll become the local king, drawing in customers and conquering the local SEO realm.

The Power of Precision: Keyword Arsenal for Local Domination

Think of keywords as the arrows in your SEO quiver. Research local terms your target audience uses to find businesses like yours. Tools like Google Keyword Planner and Moz will unearth valuable long-tail keywords – "best vegan bakery in Brighton" – with higher purchase intent and less competition. Sprinkle these magic words throughout your profile:

Name, Address, Phone Number (NAP): The holy trinity of local SEO! Ensure its accuracy and consistency across all platforms.

Description: Craft a compelling narrative that entices searchers with your unique selling points and local flair. Don't forget your chosen keywords!

Categories: Choose relevant categories that accurately reflect your offerings. Don't be afraid to get specific – "gluten-free bakery" instead of just "bakery."

Attributes: Highlight what makes you special! Are you dog-friendly? Offer wheelchair access? Tick those boxes and let the world know.

Visual Storytelling: Photos that Paint a Thousand Conversions

A picture is worth a thousand words, but in local SEO, it's worth a thousand clicks. Upload high-quality, captivating photos that showcase your business:

  1. Product/Service close-ups: Make those mouthwatering pastries and inviting yoga studio shine!
  2. Happy customers: Let smiles and positive vibes do the talking.
  3. Team spirit: Show the faces behind the brand, building trust and connection.
  4. Local context: Capture your neighbourhood's charm, reminding searchers you're part of their community.

Reviews: The Social Proof Symphony

Imagine a chorus of happy customers singing your praises online. Encourage positive reviews on your Google My Business profile – they're like gold dust in the local SEO world. Respond promptly and professionally to all reviews, showing you value customer feedback. Remember, dissatisfied customers can be a siren song for your competitors, so address concerns swiftly and gracefully.

Post Regularly: Keep the Local Conversation Flowing

Don't let your Google My Business profile be a silent ghost town. Post regularly – think weekly – with updates, offers, and engaging content. Highlight local events, showcase new products, and share behind-the-scenes glimpses. This keeps your profile fresh, relevant, and top-of-mind for local searchers.

Connect and Collaborate: The Local SEO Web

Networking isn't just for swanky cocktail parties. In the world of local SEO, it's about building relationships with other businesses in your area. Cross-promote with like-minded partners, participate in local initiatives, and get involved in the community. These connections not only strengthen your local presence but also generate valuable backlinks, another key factor in Google's ranking algorithm.

Track, Analyse, Adapt: The SEO Journey Never Ends

Optimise your Google My Business profile, but don't set it and forget it. Monitor your performance regularly using Google Insights. Track views, clicks, and engagement, and see what's resonating with local searchers. Use this data to refine your strategy, adjust your keywords, and experiment with different content types. Remember, local SEO is a dynamic journey, not a fixed destination.

By claiming your kingdom, wielding the right keywords, painting a vivid picture with photos, amplifying customer voices, engaging in local conversations, and constantly learning and adapting, you'll transform your Google My Business profile into a local SEO magnet. Watch as nearby searchers flock to your virtual doorstep, ready to become loyal customers. The throne awaits, claim it and rule the local SEO realm!

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Jason Freeman

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