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Peter Kay ticket chaos

Bradley Rose | 10 Nov, 2022 | Return|


With Peter Kay returning to perform a series of live shows across the UK demand for tickets was always going to be high. With any major event, whether it be sport, music or comedy, sites where tickets can be purchased are swamped with excited customers seeking to see their favourite player or band. 

With so many people wanting to see Peter Kay return to the live stage, O2 customers will have been pleased to receive a priority period whereby they could purchase tickets 48 hours before they went on general sale.

 However, customers were faced with challenges, with many unable to access the booking site…

 This caused many to voice their frustrations across social media:

 While the ability to purchase tickets, products and services is a blessing for so many, if systems are unable to cope to large volumes of traffic, albeit extreme in this case, then it can leave a bad taste in people’s mouths. 

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Bradley Rose

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