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The twitter evolution continues

Bradley Rose | 10 Jan, 2023 | Return|

Twitter updates

Since Elon Musk took over twitter, there have been many changes to the platform. From paid verification which is still ongoing, to the banning of linking to other social media outlets which only lasted a few hours, his policies have received mixed responses from users. The latest set of updates have recently been mentioned and could change the way in which twitter is used by businesses. Here are the latest plans:

Swiping function

According to Elon Musk twitter will soon be launching a swipe feature, whereby users will be able to swipe right or left to move between browsing recommended and followed tweets on the instant messaging platform. This is set to be released by the end of this week and will help a business filter their twitter information easily. For example, if they only want to see only what their followed accounts are doing, then a single swipe will allow this. 

swiping function

Bookmarks update

Next week, an update to the bookmark feature will be released. Twitter is developing an approach which would bring the bookmark functionality upfront. 

In a preview of this feature, Andrew Hutchinson, a content and social media manager said: “Maybe it’s an underused option, and maybe, by making it more present, that will indeed get more people bookmarking more things, and deepen their engagement in the app.”

It can certainly be argued that having this feature more easily accessible could increase its use, and allow businesses to bookmark more tweets for later article creation. 

Bookmarks on twitter

Long form tweet introduction 

This update is set to be released at the start of February and will allow users on the platform to post longer tweets without the current limit of 280 characters. Long form tweets will allow businesses greater flexibility with their messaging on the platform, and it will be interesting to see how long some tweets could be. 

Long form tweets

We can help

Here at BBI Brandboost we will be keeping a close eye on the roll out of these updates and we will be interested to see whether they have an impact on how businesses use twitter. We run twitter campaigns for our clients and utilise this social media channel to build brand awareness and engage with clients and prospects. If your business is unsure of how best to use twitter then please contact us now

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