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Top 5 activities your business should be doing in 2018

Ronnie Gunn | 21 Dec, 2017 | Return|




2018 is approaching, and many businesses will be looking to find ways to boost their brand in the coming months. From implementing SEO, to creating innovative marketing campaigns, businesses should be looking into how they can not only boost their revenue and retain business, but also how they can promote their brand in order to make sure it is front of mind for their audiences.

So what should your business be doing in 2018?


1 - Update your website

A website is the shop window of your business, and with 55% of users leaving a website after the first 15 seconds, it’s important that you can grab your audience’s attention and retain your visitors. From understanding your audience’s needs, to looking into the current trends, your business should reflect your ideology and core set of values. Using striking visuals, interesting content and sophisticated use of brand colours means your website will stand out against the competition and create brand recognition amongst your audiences.


If your website is not fully responsive, it’s important to make sure it is accessible from any device, as smart phones alone account for 46.5% of online traffic. Additionally, Google favour websites that are responsive, making them rank higher and easier to find. 
Making your website modern, accessible and visually engaging makes all the difference when it comes to attracting and retaining customers. If your website and online presence is implemented properly, your business will increase its client base through recommendations and word of mouth. This organic way of remaining front of mind in the eye on the customer is one of the most important and most profitable means of promoting your business.


2 - Invest in SEO

SEO has long been a useful tool to invest in, with the growing trend for organic feedback and ratings making search engine optimisation an important asset. Ensuring SEO is built into the architecture of your website, as well as keeping your content updated with relevant and trending topics is the first of many ways to ensure your business stands out.
Even if your content is concise and relevant, and has been for the last 5 years, it doesn’t mean you should just sit there. Updating your website pages shows Google that your site is active, and in doing so can generate higher rankings. Understanding your audience and cross referencing their needs and interests with key phrases that are gaining high monthly volume is essential for ensuring your content and webpages are boosted in terms of SEO.



3 - Track your website visits

There are various tools that can track website visits and knowing who has viewed your website offers a position of power for many companies. It can not only generate warm leads to new clients but can also generate warm leads for existing clients, who might be looking for a new service.



4 - Analyse online traffic

By analysing your online traffic, you can start to create a database of your audience’s behaviour choosing the best times to place AdWords or PPC advertisements in order to best reach your client base. It can also offer greater insights into what your audiences are most interested in. For example, if one particular page has been viewed and engaged with more than others, it could show a higher demand for this particular service or product, all of which can be used when strategising your next marketing campaign.



5 - Engage with social media

Social media has changed the way we interact, learn and digest information. With an estimated 1.96 billion social media users worldwide, the growth rate is expected to reach 2.5 billion by 2018.  With this in mind, taking advantage of the ability to target specific social tribes and audiences can give your business new opportunities. 
Although targeting an audience is half the battle, understanding the purpose of the different social media platforms is important when utilising this marketing tool. If done correctly, social networking can cultivate an engaged, coherent and targeted audience who could invest their commitment in your brand. 


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Ronnie Gunn

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