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Treating businesses like people

Andrew Libra | 22 Dec, 2016 | Return|

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There are some intriguing presentations scheduled for B2B Marketing Expo, which takes place on March 28th and 29th 2017 at the ExCeL Exhibition Centre in London.

For instance, take “A New Way to Engage Businesses: Treat them like People” to be given by Derick Walker and Rosie Duncan of Saatchi Masius. Obviously, only the presenters and their colleagues know what the content will be and certainly this will be something to look forward to.

As B2B website development, marketing and social media specialists, BBI Brandboost would approach this type of engagement with the following precepts in mind.

Every brand has a personality

branding by BBI Brandboost

Corporate branding needs to strongly reflect the character of a business and its USPs. Effective branding needs to be consistently carried through in every aspect of communication and in every way a business presents itself, from creating website and social media engagement through to conducting face-to-face transactions with customers and suppliers. 

The most successful brands depict a rich variety of positive features that together form a distinct personality.

Their business is our business

understanding businesses

Our aim when engaging with client businesses is to gain as much understanding as possible about their operations, aspirations and challenges they may face.

To create empathy by treating businesses like people, you need to acquire a good working knowledge of their business and its key differentiators. We also know that to be treated as part of the team you have to earn your place through expertise, effort and integrity.

A business is its people

a business is its people

When businesses say that “Our greatest resource is our people” it sounds like a cliché because it has been said so often. Yet the fact is that it is, or should be, true. 

When looking to provide communications services to a business client, it is helpful to find out both what its people do and what makes them tick. Frequently, employees don’t realise what a great story they have to tell – maybe it’s business related or perhaps it’s something they do in their free time for charity. Their individual perspectives can be invaluable.

These stories can in turn build positive perception of a business through media channels and social networking engagement. They add to and enrich the corporate narrative.


BBI Brandboost will always aim to bring out the messages your business wishes to communicate rather than seeking to impose our own. Contact us on 01494 452600 to find out how we do it!

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